Watch stunning rose drawings come to life before your eyes in these time-lapse videos. These drawings come from users who participated in our recent Rose Drawing Challenge. Contestants created their rose drawings using PicsArt’s Drawing Tools, and used PicsArt’s  video export feature to make the time-lapse videos.

These not only make for great drawing tutorials, but they are also fun to watch. It’s hypnotic to watch a drawing come to life one detail at a time, especially when the drawings are as fantastic as these. 

Tony Neely (@toneely22)

 Kaze Mitsuki (@kazemitsuki)

Nur Amalina Fauzi (@nur_amalinaf) 

 Painting with Smartphone (@tvenkatesan)

 Ofori Gideon (@kheijay) 

 TATAUQ (@tatauq)