Thanks to PicsArt’s Video Export feature, we’re taking a look today at some time-lapse drawing videos from last week’s Spiderweb Drawing Challenge. Watch our users draw in live action and see their personal styles and approaches to drawing. 

The Spiderweb Drawing Challenge produced some of the most original and startlingly gorgeous drawings we’ve seen in a contest, so this batch of time-lapse videos is something extra special! 

Chusii (@chusii)

Raul Ramirez (@raulramirez6)

 Painting with Smartphone (@tvenkatesan)

Francky Lone (@franckylone)

leah taylor (@leahtaylor)

Kaze Mitsuki (@kazemitsuki)

Tatauq (@tatauq)

Maysam Madanshekaf (@madanshekaf)