Last week’s Drawing Challenge asked PicsArtists draw treehouses of their childhood dreams. Thanks to PicsArt’s video export feature, we can see how some of the best drawings came to fruition through time-lapse videos

Watch these treehouses come to life not through a hammer and nail, but with fingers and styluses. It’s wonderful to see these drawings come together, and the end results will have you reaching for your sleeping bags and marshmallows. 

leah taylor (@leahtaylor)

Tony Neely (@toneely22)

Rosi M (@moreangels)

Arsal (@arsal2)

Maysam Madanshekaf (@madanshekaf)

Francky Lone (@francky001)

Ratika Puri (@ratikapuri)

Raul Ramirez (@raulramirez6)

Tatauq (@tatauq)