We are sure you had a crazy weekend, cutting and mixing body parts of people and animals! We appreciate all your efforts to create body mixtures and  to participate in our Weekend Art Project – WAPbodymix.

It is  inspiring to know that so many people tend to participate in our contests. There were about 550 photo entries for this weekend’s WAPbodymix contest. The most popular edits were mixtures of human bodies and animal heads. Some enjoyed sharing their bodies with celebrities 🙂


Aside from getting to know new “creatures”, the weekend project has helped us to locate new creative users! A new PicsArtist, a user with only 13 followers, earns 471 votes and becames the winner of the Weekend Art Project #WAPbodymix. Isn’t it amazing? We want to share her joy and welcome her to our community.  Hannah, with the username @goldmitglitzercommented to her photo: “…thank you so so so so so so so much for all the votes! I can’t believe that, because I’ve just uploaded this picture as I was bored. Enjoy your Sunday evening.


There are some other new discoveries among the #WAPbodymix finalists. Of course, some experienced users are also among the Top 10 Finalists. Some finalists have shared the process of making bodymix images in steps. Make sure to check the profiles of our finalists.  

Thank you all for doing a marvelous job. In our opinion, you all deserve to be in the list of finalists! Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for your amazing efforts. Many thanks to all the voters too. Keep up the creative work!


Weekend Art Projects, or WAPs, as we call them, are contests announced every Friday to motivate PicsArt users to be creative and competative. The finalists are chosen based on users’ votes. Make sure to follow our announcements and take part in our contests!