Drawing people is not at all easy; let alone making them exaggerated and funny. Many of you have handled the task perfectly, making funny and appealing caricatures of famous and ordinary people. This time we have received over 600 quality drawings from over 400 users! 


Our drawing contests are growing in popularity and that makes us all very happy. This week’s contest revealed another 7 gifted artists! We were excited to find out that seven of the ten finalists of DCcaricature are new users with not many followers but huge talent and creativity to be appreciated!


Moreover, the winner, @player_1656168 is also new user: a person with only 57 followers and 73 photos in his profile. His bright and funny Batman has received 658 votes, astonishing the user himself by a sudden success of his creation. Here is a comment of the winner, which we found next to the winning drawing: “Thank ya, everyone It was totally surprising because it’s the first time I entered a contest ^_^”It’s an exciting start and great example for many other talented artists who haven’t yet taken part in our contests. 

Congratulations to all the ten finalists!  We want to also thank all the contributors for your great masterpieces and creativity. You have made our week full of drive and laughter. 🙂 The week was tough enough for your fans as well. Many thanks to all the voters that actively followed their favorite artists to push them to the winner’s hill.


We hope this week’s DC, with a lot of new discoveries and amazing drawings will give a go and unleash the creativity of many other PicsArtists. Stay tuned to our upcoming contest to challenge your and our imagination.


BTW, many of you have been complaining about technical problems. We would like to apologize for that. The contest system is new for us too and we are learning along with you. Please, continue sending us your comments so that we have a better fit for organizing contests.