There’s something peaceful about taking a stroll down a cobblestone street. Irregular stones, worn smooth with time, force you to to slow down and become aware of your surroundings. Best of all, cobblestone paths can be hidden anywhere, from the historic streets of Tuscany, to the quaint paths of Montréal, to the path in your own backyard. Today, we ask you to take a stroll and show us where your cobblestone path leads you by tagging your image with the TUEtag #cobblestone.

Because these paths can contain some beautiful stone patterns, this is also a great chance for you to try a new angle in photography. Rather than taking a shot from eye level, crouch down to the ground to capture the stones’ detail, or find a vantage point to capture the street from above. Then, add the hashtag #cobblestone to share your work with the PicsArt community.