Daily Inspiration light trails

Light trails are one of the coolest techniques in any photographer’s bag of tricks (at least we think so). Today, try it out for yourself, and share your shots with the hashtag #LightTrail.

Light trails might look kind of hard to capture, but in reality the basic principles are pretty simple. To start, you’ll need to decide on your subject. Moving cars can make for awesome shots, but you can also experiment with other subjects—things like fireworks, amusement park rides, or sparklers. Next, because you’ll be using an extra long exposure, you’ll need need to stabilize your camera with a tripod or a steady surface.

Once you’re set up, the fun can begin! You’ll need to experiment with your exposure settings a bit to get them right, but the heart of this technique lies in using a slow shutter speed. This will allow you to capture the movement of the light in your final image. You’ll also want to keep your ISO setting pretty low, as this will allow you to take long exposures without having them appear overexposed.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of light trails and to perfect your exposure, but once you’ve mastered the technique, a whole new world of photography will be open to you! As always, don’t forget to share your best shots with the hashtag #LightTrail.