About This Week’s WAP

The Weekend Art Project is designed to for PicsArtists the world over to get inspired, learn something new, and test their skills versus the rest of the community.  This week we were so inspired by @littlerword ‘s ghost effect picture, we thought we’d challenge the community to try the technique.


How to Create a Ghost Effect

Look intimidating?  It’s actually quite simple.  Here’s the link to our tutorial that will teach you how to do this in less than a minute.


How to Enter

Simply create a ghost image, tag it with #WAPghost, and post it to the PicsArt stream.


How to Win

That’s a little less simple Laughing.  The competition is tough, so you’ve got to be tougher!  Our jury will select the top images from the WAP and post them on Monday in all our social networks and here on the blog.  Go for it!