About This Weekend’s WAP (#WAPmulticolorsplash)
Anyone can splash color on a photo, but adding multiple colors and still winding up with something cool? Well, that takes talent. So this week’s WAP is dedicated to using the color splash effect with multiple colors on the same image.

How to Enter
Simply create a photo (or photos) that and use the color splash effect by apply multiple colors, then tag it with #WAPmulticolorsplash, and post it to the PicsArt stream. All submissions must be in the stream by midnight on Sunday, March 17 (San Francisco time) or they will not be considered.

How to Win the WAP
Ok…we are still working on this new voting system. Apologies in that we thought we’d have it ready for this week, but there are still a few small technicalities to work out. That said, it’s going to be awesome, so it will be worth the wait.
So…in the meantime, we’ll use a combination of the most liked photos (in the app) and our jury to chose the top photos from among all those entered and post them to our blog, Facebook page, and Pinterest board.