hash tag car

Most of us don’t take a second glance at a passing car, or think twice about our daily driving routines. But, whether we realize it or not, cars are a remarkable invention that give us an incredible level of freedom. Today, we want to know how you take to the open road, whether it’s in style with a shiny convertible, or in the trusty hatchback you’ve been driving for the past 10 years. Whether you satisfy your wanderlust with a long drive through the mountains, or you just dream of doing so, show us your car (or create your dream car) and tag your images with the WEDtag #car

You know that PicsArt offers endless opportunities when it comes to creating images, so if you don’t have a car, this is your chance to take the wheel and dream big. Maybe you’d like to add rockets or wings, or paint it in crazy colors. Whatever you decide to create or capture, show us how you take to the open road by sharing your images with the WEDtag #car.