hash tag stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are universally loved by children around the globe. If you’re like most of us, as a child you had a teddy bear that you hugged every night, or a stuffed animal that never left your side. There’s something comforting about stuffed toys that appeals to children all over the world. Today, we want you to embrace your inner child and share a photo of your favorite plush toy using the WEDtag #stuffedtoy

With the first plush toys appearing in 1880, children have been playing with them for over 100 years. Today, sneak a peek into the toy chest of the children in your life and show us their favorites. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous today, trek up to the attic and find your own long-lost teddy bear from when you were a child. Then, share a snapshot of what you find by adding the WEDtag #stuffedtoy.