sweater weather photos

Here at PicsArt, we have a very special place in our hearts for warm, snuggly sweaters—the ones that are just perfect for layering on and bundling up when it starts to get cold outside. There’s just something about that knitted look that catches our eye. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for grandma’s knitted masterpieces? Or all the other wintery imagery that goes hand-in-hand with a chunky sweater on a cold day?

We’re wondering… Do you love #SweaterWeather as much as we do? If you do, this Wednesday Inspiration is absolutely for you. Strap on your coziest cardigan and get out there into that brisk, winter air. Show us all the wacky patterns you’ve got—not up your sleeve, but on it! We’ve also got the adorable Sweater Weather clipart package available in the PicsArt Shop to bring some hand-knitted happiness to your image—without the itch, of course. Use the #SweaterWeather hashtag and we’ll select our favorites to post on the app tomorrow!