As we continue to hurl through May with exciting news and fabulous artwork, it’s once again time to take stock of the week that we just put behind us.

Last week had a bit of everything from art contests to new packages, but one of the major standouts was meeting a lot of truly special users. We learned how to turn a simple selfie into a colorful woven tapestry from Stina Walfridsson (@stinawalfridsson), and met the amazing 19-year-old Syrian Aeyhm A-lfadel (@aeyhm), who managed to find inspiration in art in his war-torn country. We also said goodbye Rosemary Dotson (@frogettesphotos), a blind photographer, and a truly remarkable individual who recently passed away.

We announced this past week improvements to our Repost feature, learned about architectural photography and explored the Netherlands. But, as you’re probably starting to guess, there was too much interesting stuff to fit in right here. Scroll down to get your full dose of last week’s best!

In the App

Seize the Day with the Carpe Diem Frames Package

The Carpe Diem Frames package arrived in the PicsArt Shop!

We’ve Improved “Reposts”

There’s a reason the “reshare” option has become a standard alongside “like” and “comment” on social networks,

Throw a Picsie Party with the Birthday Picsies Package

The Birthday Picsies package rolled into the PicsArt Shop with 33 adorable clipart images that bring a bit of Picsie mischief to your shots.

Get Motivated with the Fitspiration Clip Art Package

Looking for a way to find your inspiration at the gym? The new Fitspiration package arrived in the PicsArt Shop and it’s packed with 45 clipart quotes to get your heart rate up and body moving.

In Social Media

PicsArt, Facebook, and Twitter

The most popular Photo of the Day on PicsArt, Facebook, and Twitter was this wonderful tunnel of garden archways captured by Zauzs Weinsy (@zauzsweinsy). This beautiful photo earned 2,239 likes on PicsArt and 305 on Facebook.

best photo of the week


Bruno Tardivel (@brunotardivel) was the user behind last week’s most popular Photo of the Day on Google+. This medieval clifftown looked like a picture-perfect page right out of a storybook.

best photo of the week

PicsArt Contests

10 Winning 8-bit Images from the Graphic Design Contest

Last week, we wound back the clocks to the era of Pac-Man when having enough quarters for the arcade was considered the ultimate afterschool bliss and digital displays were in their nascent years.

graphic design contest winner

10 Winners from the Peacock Drawing Challenge

Last week’s Drawing Challenge took on one of the most magnificent birds in the animal kingdom, challenging users to create amazing peacock drawings using PicsArt Drawing Tools.

drawing contest winner

Best of the Daily Journal

A Focus on Architectural Photography

by Chris Corradino

The time of day you plan to shoot will have a major impact on your architectural subjects. At dusk and twilight, not only does the sky become more vibrant, but artificial light sources work to highlight the structural details.

In Memoriam: Rest in Peace to Our Very Own Blind Photographer Rosemary Dotson

Two weeks ago, we had the honor of interviewing Rosemary Dotson (@frogettesphotos). During the interview, she showcased characteristics such as determination, ability, and creativity.

7 Delightful Sights in The Netherlands

As one of the most beautiful and progressive countries in Europe, the Netherlands is a place like no other that embraces the best of the past while it eyes the future.

How to Create a Woven Portrait with PicsArt

PicsArt has the power to turn any photo into a work of art. In this tutorial, you’ll learn from PicsArtist Stina Walfridsson (@stinawalfridsson) how to turn a simple selfie into a colorful woven tapestry.

Young Man in Syria Chooses Art Over Rifle

In 2011, the smile escaped from 19-year-old Aeyhm A-lfadel. Born and raised in Syria, Aeyhm (@aeyhm) found his city and country in the midst of war.

Guest Art Curator Jeff Mindell: The King of Crisp, Clean Composition

Jeff began taking photographs in 2009 when studying abroad in London. Inspired by his first international experience, Jeff clicked his way through Europe and right into a career in lifestyle photography.

User Feedback From Google Play

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User Feedback From the App Store

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt in the App Store:

Best picture editor ever! by Cloeyjade

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This is the Best Editing App by Candymanismybaby

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Instant success! by Kiwi123

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picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review

picsart week in review