Here we are again, reviewing yet another fantastic week at PicsArt! It’s not quite coat-weather yet, but its getting a little nippier at night and it seems like we’re flying through September at a breakneck pace, heading towards what is sure to be a big week coming up. So let’s take a moment to pause, take away the first leaves of fall, and recap the events of the past seven days. Read below to get up to speed on the very best from last week’s contests, blog, social media, and news. Aside from the remarkable artwork of our talented community, last Friday, we participated in Hackathon, a 24 hour development marathon, so this is one Week in Review you definitely don’t want to miss!

In the News   

Friday the 13th Crazy Hackathon 


Last week, the PicsArt team participated in the Friday the 13th Crazy Hackathon, a development marathon that challenged developers to compete to see who could develop the best new programs and features over a 24 hour period of time! 

Best Free Photo Editing App: 


PicsArt is the best free photo editing app. Here’s why…When it comes to finding a good photo editing app for my phone, the ability to slap a filter onto an image just isn’t enough. Sure, instagram is fun. But it alone does NOT satisfy my need for creative control. Family, friends and clients have often heard me babble on and on about how much I love the photo editing process, and how I have the same passion for that aspect as I do the actual photo-taking/shutter-clicking.

In Social Media 

Most Popular Photo on Facebook and Twitter 

The most popular Photo of the Day last week was this shot by Eugenio Angel Estevez Ramires @taynocuba, which garnered 2323 likes 102 shares on Facebook, and dominated Twitter. Eugenio has a knack for travel photography, often making impressions with unique and beautiful shots that capture different lifestyles and cultures from around the world. 

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Art Contests 

Mirror Effect Weekend Art Project #WAPmirroreffect 

The WAP last week challenged PicsArtists to use the Mirror Effect to create stunning reflected images. The contest drew 3141 entries, resulting in a spectacular top 10 gallery of distorted masterpieces. Paolo Morucci @paolomore, won first place with this tactfully split bike rack. 

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Guitar Drawing Challenge #DCguitar

Last week’s Guitar Drawing Challenge drew 272 high-level guitar sketches, setting the stage for one of PicsArt’s most spirited competitions. PicsArtists pulled all of the stops last week, executing lighting and textures with expert precision, resulting in some hyper-realistic images. Fred Fro-Zone @fredsagoe managed to sneak in through the back door, however, and nab first prize with one of the contests most cartoonish entries. 

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Birthday Card Graphic Design Challenge #GDbirthdaycard

1451 original Birthday Card Designs were submitted to last week’s Graphic Design Challenge, a competition to create a card that could make a friend or loved one’s birthday extra special. Cowcyy @cowcyy bested all of her competition, taking the top spot by appealing to voters’ stomachs with this sweet entry. 

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Best of the Blog

Michelle’s Creative Photography: A Gallery of One of PicsArt’s Most Unique Users

Michelle (@mydesign) is a PicsArtist who has a unique vision and style to her photography. This gallery features some of Michelle’s best work in a creative art photo gallery.

PicsArt User Tutorials From the Guitar Drawing Challenge

The Guitar Drawing Challenge inspired some of the most skilled and stunning artwork ever to emerge from our community, and here we have assembled pictorial tutorials that reveal the techniques behind these drawings. 

User Feedback From Google Play 

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt on Google-Play

Jazmyn DayonLove!

I love this app! I use it everyday! I love to edit photos n make collages, this is the best app I have found to do so. 

Mitchell Kyle TorrenaVery nice!amazing

Very nice editing app! Much easier to use than photoshop:’) it helped me in doing my print ads creating in my advertising:’)

titaleto leto: The best app thus far. Love all the different options it has and the …

The best app thus far. Love all the different options it has and the pictures end up looking amazing.

Pamela Bader: I LOVE IT!

It’s my new favorite toy!! It’s so much better then your regular camera and so much more FUN!!!!. you won’t regret putting it on you’re phone. TRUST ME!!!

A Google User: Awesome

The best one amongst the ones i’ve used Seriously though… This app is worth even paying for… Thanks for making it free ^^ also i found it way better than photo did pro too even pic say pro is no match for picsart 😀

Teanna Davis:I love it.

This is the best picture editing app out it’s easy and fun. I use it on every phone I get I’ve never had any problems with this app. No force close or anything of that nature. 

Here’s to what is sure to be an awesome autumn! Thanks to everyone in our community for bringing your energy week in and week out!

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review

week in review