Last week was a tough one, but as we mourn and heal from the tragic attack in Paris, we also return to our lives with renewed zeal and energy, a little more grateful of the things that matter most to us.

As on every Monday, we’re bringing you the best stuff from the past 7 days in case you missed any of it, so that you can ease into the week ahead with a full buffet of inspiration.

On our Daily Journal, pro Chris Corradino recommended 10 Creative Projects to jump start your new year, while we continued to post some of the top artists and artwork of 2014. We also took you across Italy through the photos of our users, and shared our interview with the amazing Erik Johansen, who crafts unbelievable images using hand-made models and computer wizardry.

Pour over the best of last week below, and leave a few words in the comment section to share your reflections on last week,

In the App

Baby Popeye Clipart and Backgrounds Package

Before all the spinach eating and way before the complicated love triangle, Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto (Brutus) were a bunch of cute and cuddly babies.

Download our Blackboard Alphabet Clipart Package

Our new Blackboard Alphabet clipart package is here, offering stylized letters and digits with no two being of the same font.

Download Betty Boop Clipart Package

It’s hard to believe that Betty Boop is turning 85 this year. She has not changed a bit and has retained her cool jazz flapper style.

On Social Media

Facebook and Twitter

Once again, kitties conquer all, as this B&W shot of a pearly white feline by ilex (@italiona) was the most popular shot on Facebook and Twitter last week, racking up 359 likes and 16 shares on the former.

photo of the day


What better shot than this barking great entry by Laissez Faire (@laissezfaire95) to be last week’s top shot on Google+? It is the perfect canine counterpart to ilex’s cat shot.

photo of the day


10 Winning New Years Invitations from the Graphic Design Contest

The fireworks smoke has cleared, the champagne has dried up, and now our New Year 2015 Graphic Design Contest has finally come to a close, as we are ready to announce this week’s top 10 winners. Finishing in first place was, lian (@lianlion), who separated himself from the pack with his 145 votes.

new year party card design contest winner

10 Winning Family Portraits from the Drawing Challenge

Over the holidays, we held a Family Portrait Drawing Challenge, in which users were asked to paint their loved ones using the PicsArt app, and after a week of voting, today we have our winners. Tiks Roseca (@tiks-roseca) claimed the top spot with 320 for this gorgeous portrait of three sisters whom she calls “soulmates”.

family portrait drawing winner

10 Winning Photos from the Day and Night Weekend Art Project

Last week, we challenged users to capture the same image at different times of day under natural light, then assemble them into a split screen collage of day and night. Wise Eyes (@wise eyes) claimed first place with 157 votes in what was a tight race for the top.

day and night photo contest winner

 Daily Journal

Share Your Grief & Solidarity for Yesterday’s Paris Attack with the tag #charliehebdo

In recognition of yesterday’s attack in Paris, and in honor of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the 12 victims of the shooting, today’s Daily Tag is #charliehebdo.

10 Creative Photography Projects to Jump Start the New Year

by Chris Corradino

This photo exercise forces you to look beyond the obvious and see in a creative way. It’s a simple idea, but can be surprisingly tricky and somewhat addictive.

Travel Guide: 18 Reasons Why Italy is Perfect

Italy is a country so bewildering, that despite the fact that it’s cities are among the most famous and visited on the planet, the truth is that there are so many lesser known destinations there that are just as stunning, that it’s hard to keep track.

Rising Stars of 2014

All of the most popular artists on PicsArt at some point started out with a handful of stunning images that just started appearing one day out of the blue.

PicsArt’s Best Photo Editors of 2014

Last year, we met some users who really blew us out of our socks with their editing skills, and so today we’re announcing the year’s very best masters of photo editing in our community.

Erik Johansson Builds Models to Create Art, the Results are Mind-Boggle

Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer who has been getting a lot of attention for conjuring up incredibly realistic looking visual fantasies.

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photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review

photography week in review