We can almost taste summer, but why rush it? Here at PicsArt, we like to savor every moment. So, as always, let’s kick off the first week of June by taking a moment to appreciate all the cool stuff we did at the end of May.

To start, we checked in on the Nepal relief effort and PicsArtists’ drive to help raise funds. We also met some amazing artists, including pros like Achraf Baznani, who shrinks himself down to mouse-size, and users like the talented 16-year-old Shaylin Wallace (@smwallday). We also took a virtual tour of Salamanca, Spain through the photos of our users and heard from our resident photography professor Chris Corradino on why shadows are a much cooler way to get yourself in photos than selfies.

That’s the broad overview, but below we’ve collected all of last week’s finest moments. Scroll down to see what we were up to during the final week of May, and give your Monday a shot of inspiration!

In the App

Download the Geometric Art Package from the PicsArt Shop

The new Geometric Art package arrived in the PicsArt Shop!

Shape Up Package Now Available in the PicsArt Shop

The new Shape Up clipart package arrived in the PicsArt Shop, and it’s packed with bold images to brighten up your creations.

Download the Music Picsies Package from the PicsArt Shop

The Music Picsies package arrived in the PicsArt Shop, complete with 22 clipart images featuring the Picsies playing music.

Music on the Mind Package Now Available in the PicsArt Shop

The Music on the Mind package rolled into the PicsArt Shop and it’s perfect for music lovers everywhere!

In Social Media


The most popular shot on PicsArt was this happy breakfast by Megan (@meganannharmon), smiling from yolk to yolk.

best photo of the week


Riccardo Colelli (@riccardo-colelli-1) was the PicsArtist behind the most popular image on Facebook, depicting a majestic castle nestled in a foggy forest.

best photo of the week

Google+ & Twitter

Mohammed Tabook’s (@tabook1) starry Oman landscape bedazzled users on Google+ and Twitter, becoming the top shot on both social networks.

best photo of the week

PicsArt Contests

10 Winning Photos from the Circles Weekend Art Project

Last week, our Weekend Art Project asked users to capture circles wherever they could find them. Our PicsArtists followed through, submitting a heaping 2,313 photos that each took a unique approach to the challenge’s theme.

photo contest winner

10 Winners from Our Window Drawing Challenge

Last week’s Window Drawing Challenge asked users to draw windows using PicsArt Drawing Tools.

drawing contest winner

10 Winning Memes from the Graphic Design Contest

Last week, users found their funny bones in our Meme Graphic Design Contest, creating 839 hilarious memes using the PicsArt app.

graphic design contest winner

Best of the Daily Journal

Achraf Baznani Shrinks Himself to the Size of a Mouse

Photographer Achraf Baznani is a talented photo manipulator who has carved out a very small niche for himself within the genre of surreal photography.

Who Needs Selfies When You Have a Shadow?

by Chris Corradino

Not many of us were surprised when the word selfie was officially added to the English dictionary in 2013.

Meet Stay-at-Home Dad and Incredible Drawing Artist Raul Ramirez

PicsArtist Raul Ramirez (@raulramirez87) has absolutely incredible, show-stopping art.

6 Sites in Salamanca: A Sandstone Fairytale in Spain

Salamanca is one of Spain’s most beguiling cities, where some of the finest artists and architects of the past two thousand years preserved history in sandstone.

Self-Taught PicsArtist Captures the Beauty of Nature

Ali (@villager55) comes from the Karawang province of West Java Island in Indonesia.

PicsArt Donates to Nepal Earthquake Relief

It’s been hard to ignore the devastation of the Nepal earthquake, especially following a second 7.3 earthquake serving as another reminder.

16-Year-Old Finds Her Artistic Side Through PicsArt

Shaylin Wallace (@smwallday) is finishing her sophomore year of high school in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Effects are very high quality. I feel like a professional graphic artist! Thanks!

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