With the wake of another big week still rocking the PicsArt community, it is time that we take a moment to examine everything that happened over the last 7 days before it disappears completely into the past. There were so many exciting developments, from the release of new frames and fonts for our app, to one heck of a round of art contests, and the latest articles to emerge on our blog, including an eye-opener on shooting with different focal lengths by our resident photography guru Chris Corradino. At the center of everything last week however, were our preparations for Mother’s Day. We held a Mother’s Day Card contest and rounded up some of the best photos of motherhood shared by our users. We hope that all of the moms out there enjoyed a loving Mother’s Day, as there are few days in the year that are more important than letting our moms know what they mean to us. Pick through these photographs and blog posts to catch up on the very best from last week!

In the App

Make your Photos Blossom and Download Floral Frames Today!

Download our new Floral Frames package right now in the PicsArt Shop!

floral frames package

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Download Ultra Fonts 2 to get a package of cutting edge font styles that are sure to become new favorites in your font library! Ultra Fonts 2 features 6 new fonts in total,

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In Social Media

Most Popular Photo of the Day on Facebook and Google+

Wibisunshine’s (@wibismile) green tree in full bloom amid a black and white field was the most popular Photo of the Day on Facebook, earning 1,415 likes and 32 shares. The shot also managed to win over Google+ users, among whom it was also the clear favorite.

photo of the day

Most Popular Photo of the Day on Twitter

The favorite Photo of the Day on Twitter, meanwhile, was this stunning photo by conchi (@ronchis2013) of shoes standing on a bridge over some tumultuous flowing river water. The vivid composition and bold colors made this shot one of the week’s most unforgettable shots.

photo of the day

PicsArt Contests

Top 10 Images from the Stretch Tool Weekend Art Project

The top 10 winning images from the Stretch Tool Weekend Art Project were an amazing array of photos that were twisted and pulled into unique works of art. PicsArtists submitted 2,510 photos in total, using the various aspects of the Stretch Tool to contort their photos as if they were made of clay. Niceandthings (@niceandthings) topped the contest with 1,907 votes, cleverly using the Stretch Tool to play with the lines of separation between colored pencils by swirling them into each other.

stretch tool weekend art contest winner

The Top 10 Cartoons from the Drawing Challenge

All week, PicsArtists have been creating their own cartoon characters for our most recent Drawing Challenge, and the ten best original characters have been chosen. The community voted from 525 total entries to pick the winners, all of which were created exclusively using PicsArt Drawing Tools. The big winner was niceandthings (@niceandthings), whose cartoon characters placed first and second respectively.

Cartoon drawing contest winner

The Top 10 Mother’s Day Cards from the Graphic Design Contest

For our most recent Graphic Design Contest, we challenged our users to make their own heart-felt Mother’s Day Cards to give to their mom’s on Mother’s Day. In total, 1,614 cards were submitted, but it was Mika’s (@letsbeafriend) entry that won the contest with 1,393 votes.

Mother's Day GD contest winner

Best of the Blog

5 Focal Lengths Every Photographer Should Know

by Chris Corradino

The lens you choose is often more important than the actual camera. There are so many options to consider though, leaving many photographers wondering what’s best.

PicsArtists Share What Motherhood Means to Them #motherhood

Last week, users were given the weekly tag #motherhood, encouraging them to share photos of the mothers that they most admired.

Many Rivers to Cross: Users Capture Photos of Bridges

A bridge can make for a spectacular shot, as you will see here in this gallery of photos captured by PicsArt users.

User Feedback From Google Play

Here are some of the things users are saying about PicsArt on Google-Play:

Jinesh Mehta:

Marvellous Its parallel to Photoshop in PC .. its an excellent photo editor. Must download. more tools added


redneckgirl68 This Is an awesome Application,It has Frames, Stickers, A Variety Decorations, Ext…. Everyone Should Have This!

Toni Phillips:

LOOK NO FURTHER This is by far the best of it’s kind! I think I’m quite addicted truth be told. The fun you can have with this app is endless and I’m do excited to have it on my tablet (^.^)

Valeria Contreras:

A must have Omg you have to get this app so many edits to choose from its endless and my photos alway look amazing. . By far my favorite photo editing app EVER!!!!

Amanda Horn:

Creativity vent I love the ability to layer effects only slightly limited because I am unable to buy some of the packages I would like. But I can still make original art time and time again. This app is absolutely fantastic.

kushal Sharma:

What a aap i just love it by this aap i impress so many people and also impress my gf dis aap is fabuless because we edit our pics like we are profestional .

William Lowery:

Awesome This is the best mobile photo-editing software I’ve ever seen 😀 the amount of filters and other such options are incredible. The only reccomendation I would have would be that they make a “fill shape” tool, when drawing.

User Feedback From the App Store

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt in the App Store:

Awesome app!!! by Just_Me_Too56657

I tried quite a few, but this one has endless amazing editing and drawing options, combining them together – literally endless options and lots of fun, the more you play with it, the more amazing things you find you can do with it – definitely on my top list!

Perfect! by An experienced user

Gets the job done, has a variety of things to do with the photo, its just perfect, i highly recommend this app <3.

AMAZING by mr_jinx

Do all my senior pictures with this app!! Better than my Photoshop program on my computer!!

Best Photo Editing App around by DaBachela

Like most people I’ve tried several other photo editing apps looking for one that has it all. The ability to draw on pictures, Combine them, make collages, stickers, effects, etc… Simply put, nothing out there offered as much as Picsart. And is designed in a way that’s easy to use and has a pleasant looking interface. Outstanding app!!! Looking forward to future updates.

Amazing App by Lukes_Girl

This app is really cool you can add lots of effects and filters to your photos and you can also make collages from many choices you could choose from.

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review

PicsArt Week in Review