October is officially behind us, and so is Halloween, but before we take on November, let’s have a quick look back to recap the last week of the month. The two major developments from last week are not hard to spot. Firstly, we introduced PicsArt monthly, our new monthly online magazine that packs within it’s covers a month’s worth of beautiful content. Secondly, we introduced Lou Jones, an award-winning photography pro, who will now be sharing his insights and experiences in a regular monthly column right here on the blog.

Furthermore, last week had a whole slew of Halloween themed contests, in addition to more great art from our ever-active PicsArt community. So check out all of this and more below, in the last Week in Review for October 2013!

In Social Media

Most Popular Photo on Facebook and Twitter

The most popular Photo of the Day on Facebook and Twitter was this entry by Tatiana (@melonettt). Her surreal shot of a moon in the iris of an overlayed eye accrued 3146 likes and 127 shares on Facebook while simultaneously becoming the favorite on Twitter.

Photo of the day, PicsArt weekly

Most Popular Photo on Google+

This sunning shot, meanwhile, was crowned the most popular Photo of the Day on Google+. Arifbudi (@wongkatro) was responsible for this minimalist black and white shot of two distantly focused strangers walking along the beach..

Photo of the day, week in review

Art Contests

Halloween Holiday Contest #DAYhalloween2013

All day and night, this Halloween, we held a contest, which challenged users to come up with the best Halloween image by whatever means they chose. 1,275 entries were submitted, Arvin (@asanita) took first place, with this image of him and his friends fully suited up on Halloween night.

Halloween photo contest winner

Pumpkin Weekend Art Project #WAPpumpkin

For the Weekend Art Project, PicsArtists were given the task of taking on pumpkin photography. Pumpkins of all types sprouted up in this contest, but finishing in first place by a mile was this entry by Shae George (@shaelynnegeorge), which garnered a monster-sized 1,609 votes.

pumpkin photography contest winner

Witch Drawing Challenge #DCwitch

254 drawings were entered into last week’s Witch Drawing Challenge, a wicked contest that had such a high turnout of talent, that it was hard for voters to decide which witch to pick. Finally, Margarita (@rittta), won the day with 1,083 votes.

witch drawing photo contest

Best of the Blog

Introducing Our New Columnist and Famous Photographer Lou Jones

Today we are introducing our new regular columnist, Boston-based photographer Lou Jones. Lou will be contributing articles at the beginning of each month based on his insights and experiences.

Introducing PicsArt Monthly!

PicsArt Monthly is our new magazine that brings you a month’s worth of phenomenal PicsArt content. In PicsArt Monthly you can find tutorials that uncover some of photographers’ biggest secrets, and show you cool tricks that can take your editing and photography to the next level. 

Incredible Street Art Photos by Hugo Mendes: 7 Amazing Street Murals

Hugo Mendes (@hugomadness) is a PicsArtist who likes to turn his camera on the brilliant art painted on the walls of the streets around him. Street art is such a powerful artform. It turns our cities into outdoor museums and gets right in our faces to make us think.

User Feedback From Google Play

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt on Google-Play: 

KEISHA DAVIDSON: Excellent, Reliable

This is a glitch free well thought out photo editor. I’m just rating it after a year so I’m confident in this product.

Angelique Osterhout: AMAZING. Best app ever!

Hol-eeeeee cow this app is awesome! There are so many options you could spend hours exploring them all. It’s easy to use! Ads are not intrusive. There is no “catch” to this. 2 hours after downloading it, I am hugely impressed. Even Photoshop can’t compare for ease of use. I am normally not this enthused about an app but this one has blown me away.

Dayamara Diaz: Great app!

Takes a little getting used to, learning what does what. Once you’ve mastered the different options & variety of textures & looks it’s smooth sailing.

Whitney Ingram: ]

Love, love, love this app! It is my absolute favorite app in the entire market. I’ve been using it since it came out and I use it EVERY day, for everything. The possibilities are endless with PicsArt. This is the only photo editing app I use and I will always prefer it.

A Google User: Amazing app

I love this app <3 actually its just amazing! Excellent effects.Everything outstanding and makes the picture perfect ^_^ 

That does it for the month of October, hope you all had a great Halloween. Also, congratulations to our users from Boston for coming through this difficult year with your third World Series Championship in ten years!

Week in review at PIcsArt

Week in review at PIcsArt

Week in review at PIcsArt

Week in review at PIcsArt

Week in review at PIcsArt