At PicsArt, we have so much going on that every week we take a moment to pause and go over the events of the previous week. Last week was a doozy, with the release of the May issue of our online magazine, PicsArt Monthly. The issue covers portrait photography from the amatuer and proffesional levels, takes you on a photo tour through Thailand, explores street art, and offers some great tips and tricks on everything from card design to digital makeup. We also celebrated Memorial Day with the release of brand new frames, and released a new package of Wings clipart. On our blog, we featured some truly inspiring articles, including an interview with portrait photographer Delphine Diallo, A New Yorker’s Guide to Photographing Humor on the Street, and a guide on where to capture the most unique shots in Costa Rica. All of this on top of three art contests, amazing original art from our community, and so much more. We’ve gathered it all below so that you can get caught up and take your time picking through the very best of last week!

In the App

Dive into the May Issue of PicsArt Monthly Art Magazine

Today we are releasing the May issue of PicsArt Monthly, our online art magazine which seeks to inspire readers to create and learn!

 PicsArt Monthly May Issue

Download New Patriotic Memorial Day Frames

Download our brand new package of Memorial Day Frames, available right now in the PicsArt Shop!

Memorial Day Frames Package

Fly High with Our New Wings Clipart

Download our Wings clipart package today from the PicsArt Shop, and give yourself and your friends awesome new sets of wings.

Photo editing wings clipart package

In Social Media

Most Popular Photo of the Day on Facebook and Twitter

The most popular Photo of the Day on Facebook and Twitter was this shot by Dirk Nelly Brill (@dirknellybrill), which managed a staggering 1055 likes and 25 shares. Users must have been yearning for a vacation in a countryside villa, because Dirk’s photo was just that. It was also a spectacular shot, however, with the added special touch of the sunset reflected in the windows.

Top Photo on Google+

M-li BlueeSwan (@blueeswan) became the queen of Google+ meanwhile, with this Photo of the Day depicting an amazing piece of street art. This wall painting is so well done, it might take you a little while to distinguish if the arm and hand are real or painted on.

PicsArt Contests

Top 10 Images from the Water Ripple Weekend Art Project

Our most recent Weekend Art Project had users try their hands at using PicsArt’s Water effect to edit water ripples into their photos. It was a tight race between first and second place, but it didn’t matter much to user Shantay Montrell (@shantaymontrell), because she was the artists behind both photos.

water ripple photo effect, weekend art project

Top 10 Bikes from the Motorcycle Drawing Challenge

All week, users have been hard at work with PicsArt Drawing Tools, creating amazing drawings of bikes for our Motorcycle Drawing Challenge. The top drawing this week was the work of Drawing Challenge veteran Freddie® (@fredsagoe), whose futuristic cycle pulled in 556 votes.

motorcycle drawing contest

10 Winning Posters from the Concert Poster Graphic Design Contest

The winning designs from the Concert Poster Graphic Design Challenge are locked in. Our community voted from 974 entries to select the 10 best, which was a difficult task since so many of the nearly 1,000 concert posters this week simply rocked. Finishing in first place was user Tiffany (@omi-photography), who won 1,108 votes for her poster dedicated to Taylor Swift.

music poster Graphic design contest

Best of the Blog

Delphine Diallo Explores Truth and Mythology Through Photography: Read our Interview

Delphine Diallo is an artist who uses photography to explore the human soul through myth, anthropology, nature and science.

A New Yorker’s Guide to Photographing Humor on the Street

by Chris Corradino

While walking the streets of New York, I turn my camera towards anything that seems interesting. Over time, a common theme started to appear: humor.

The Most Unique Shots in Costa Rica and Where to Get Them

To the north of the Panamanian isthmus, just tucked under Nicaragua, is a country that may be small in size, but it is large in personality.

Artists Use PicsArt to Add Digital Makeup #digitalmakeup

The Weekly Tag last week was #digitalmakeup, spurring artists to try their hands as digital makeup artists all week long and share their work.

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Best app ever. by spence20011

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Amaze-Balls by Thegirlwhocanappreciateapps

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