This week’s Week in Review will take you through all of the events of the past seven days and get you up to speed with the PicsArt universe. Right off the bat, our second issue of PicsArt Monthly came out for November, and we can say honestly that we are extremely proud of the final result. This is something you won’t want to miss. We also published our Thanksgiving Photography Tips and Tricks, to help get you ready for the coming festivities. You’ll also find the Best of the Blog, all of last week’s contests, user galleries, the most popular photos on social media, and more. We’ve posted it all below so take a look for yourself! 

In Social Media

Most Popular Photo on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

The most popular Photo of the Day in all social media last week was this brilliant right angle photograph by Robert Angelo Laure Rabuco (@mrshungit). A right angle photograph is one that plays with perspective to alter how large or small objects seem to be, and this shot was such a clever stroke of creativity that it garnered 2,959 likes and 64 shares on Facebook. It was also the most popular Photo of the Day on Google+ and Twitter.

photo of the day

Art Contests

Motion Blur Effect Weekend Art Project #WAPmotionblureffect

Our Weekend Art Project featured PicsArt’s Motion Blur Effect, challenging users to bring their action shots to life with crafty editing. The Motion Blur Effect inserts the blur of moving objects wherever the artist chooses, and this contest really showed what can be done with this great effect. The contest winner was Arvin (@asanita), who added speed to his photo of his snoopy racecar toy. 

motion blur photo effect

Fashion Drawing Challenge #DCfashion

Our Drawing Challenge last week had users compete painting fashion drawings which showcased a colorful array of unique styles. 356 drawings in total competed during the challenge, with Laila (@renolai), one of PicsArt’s most frequent contest winners, taking home the gold. 

fashion drawing art contest

Thanksgiving Card Graphic Design Contest #GDthanksgiving

PicsArtists showed their appreciation in the spirit of Thanksgiving by taking part in our Thanksgiving Card Graphic Design Contest. 673 designs were entered, in which photos, text, clipart, and all of PicsArt’s resources were used to create gorgeous cards. Brandi Nicole (@magiccoffeecup) was the contest winner. 

thanksgiving graphic design contest

Best of the Blog

PicsArt Monthly: November Edition

Last week we published the second issue of PicsArt Monthly, our magazine which brings you all of PicsArt’s best in beautiful and polished package. 

Photographing Thanksgiving – Food, Family, and Fall Colours

Thanksgiving is coming up, and families everywhere are gathering together to stuff both a turkey and themselves full of festive treats. Whether you’re outside among the leaves or hogging the carrots and peas, you can use these tips to get great shots of your autumn feast.

PicsArtist Daniel Does Something Very Special with his Black & White Photography

PicsArtist Daniel photographer (@daniel-photographer) is more than just talented in his ability to set up a shot, but there is something very adventurous about his photography. 

User Feedback From Google Play

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt on Google-Play:  

That concludes another exciting week at PicsArt. Thanks to all of our users for continuing to create and share your wonderful photography and art with us! Keep posted for more great contests, tutorials, galleries, features and more!

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review

PicsArt week in review