As we leave May in the past and move towards the June heat, it’s time to take a look at the excellent week of art, photography, and eye-opening articles that is still trailing behind us. Last week, we were firing on all fronts, with a heart-warming family photo contest, great new Father’s Day Frames, amazing art from our users, and a true gauntlet of great reads that we published on our blog. We’ve collected the very best from last week and served it up buffet-style below, so that you can help yourself to whatever tickles your fancy. You’ll find a great article from our resident photography guru, Lou Jones, on traveling light, a lesson in lens flare from our resident photography professor Chris Corradino, as well as some great tutorials on using lens flare and even creating your own iPhone lock screen. It’s all right here, so check our our latest offerings below and dig in!

In the App

Show Love for Dad, Download New Father’s Day Frames

What better gift for a father than a framed photo of memories you shared together? The new Father’s Day frames package is meant just for that.

fathers' day frames package

In Social Media

Most Popular Photo of the Day on Facebook, Google+, & Twitter

Alby Mars (@albyforseshera) turned users onto their heads last week with this fantastic Photo of the Day! In total it garnered 1,085 likes and 26 shares on Facebook, while also becoming the favorite on Twitter and Google+. Alby’s photo is a great example of how a simple, creative idea can be absolutely stunning. By raising his bike above himself from his back then turning the camera upside down, he was able to produce this masterpiece.

PicsArt Contests

10 Beautiful Winning Family Photos from the Weekend Art Project

For last weekend’s Weekend Art Project, we asked users to submit their best photos of family moments. Shantay Montrell (@shantaymontrell) finished first with 1,072 votes. Her scene was constructed like a movie set from a classic film, the perfect 1950’s American family gathering around for mom’s cinnamon rolls, dad halfway out of his seat like the kids.

Best of the Blog

The Many Facets of TRAVEL LIGHT

by Lou Jones

Straphanging on an overcrowded Green Line subway, squeezed between a young mother with baby stroller and a hipster with an oversized backpack, I spotted someone carrying a tote bag with the most cryptic logo stenciled on the side: TRAVEL LIGHT THINK SMART

Don’t Freak Out Over Flare

by Chris Corradino

By shooting directly into the sun, you can create a beautiful effect known as lens flare. At first, the appearance of these colorful shapes may surprise you.

Make a Creative iPhone Lock Screen Collage!

Everybody has their own personal style. That’s why PicsArt is helping iPhone users break out of the mold and get creative with a Lock Sreen collage with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

iphone lock screen tutorial

PicsArtists Share Amazing Photos from Memorable Weddings #weddingday

Last week, we asked users in our community to share wedding day photos with the weekly tag #weddingday.

wedding photography

How to Use Wide Angle Lenses Effectively

by Mikki Ross

Lenses come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone will see your scene – and therefore render your images – very differently.

Brian McNamara: Dublin’s Emerging Fashion Photographer

Brian McNamara is a Dublin based portrait photographer who works in the fashion and music industries.

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Great Photo Art App by Sydcam2802

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