celebrating best of winter

In honor of this week’s winter solstice and the upcoming holidays, we wanted to celebrate some of the best winter-inspired art created in PicsArt. Even though it’s chilly outside, we’ve felt warm and aglow seeing your creations. Thanks for making such magical images and sharing them with us this season. Stay warm out there!

snowy mountain picture

Image by Kerry E. Elders (@highjumper-2).

mirror effect photography

Image by JennyLee (@muddyglitter).

winter landscape

Image by Losk (@greendove).

snowy landscape

Image by Gleb LikeHOTsky (@likehotsky).

winter holidays

Image by Nicat F Hümbətli (@nicatfhmbtli). 

Christmas tree

Image by Ashley Kate (@brunchonchestnut). 

winter landscape picture

Image by Mikael Gouws (@mikaelgouws). 

Image by özge yücel (@ksantippe_).

winter wildlife photography

Image by Shyanam (@shy35).

winter landscape photography

Image by Tim Koop Jensen (@timkoopjensen).