Here at PicsArt, our community is a source of pride and inspiration. Your edits, drawings and photographs never cease to amaze us and often leave us wondering, “how did you do that?!”

Thankfully, you are not only incredibly talented but also helpful and willing to share all your tips and tricks. Thanks to you, our YouTube channel now has over 10 community photo editing tutorials! Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Animal on Your Hand, by PicsArtist @sandystevs

We love PicsArtist Sandy’s (@sandystevs) creative and playful gallery. In this video tutorial, Sandy teaches us how to create an intriguing edit with an animal face on your hands.

How to Create a Dispersion Effect, by PicsArtist @shy35

We can see why our editing artist Shy (@shy35) has almost 20,000 followers. Her edits are creative and fun. In this tutorial, she shows us how to create a cool dispersion effect on photos.

How to Create a Glow Effect, by PicsArtist @paolomore

One of our most talented community members Paolo (@paolomore) shows us how to add a dreamy glow to our photos in this easy tutorial that uses the Blur Effect in a really creative way.

How to Create a Stitching Effect, by @stinawalfridsson

Stina (@stinawalfridsson) is well known in our community for her cool, visceral edits. She shares an incredible tutorial on how to create a stitching effect using layers.

How to Use Selection Crop for a Creative Edit, by PicsArtist @smwallday

One of our youngest and most talented PicsArtists, Shaylin (@smwallday) teaches us how to use the Selection Tool to create a deconstructed portrait.

We hope you’ll check out our other photo editing tutorials on YouTube and will subscribe to our channel for updates. Inspired to create your own? Email to be featured.


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