photography community

Creativity is mysterious and multifaceted. It’s the skill of seeing possibilities. We catch glimpses of its magic when inspiration strikes us—sometimes unexpectedly—and we experience its power most when it drives us to create art. A creative drive lies inside of every single one of us, whether we recognize it or not.

In order to utilize, discover, or awaken ourselves to it, we need the right creative tools and a community to share our art with. At PicsArt, we want to provide these tools and to nurture this community. However, as we focus so intently on the creative process, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and ask ourselves, what is it that drives a person to create and share art?

There are as many answers to that question as there are people in the world. And the answers themselves are not simple because each one of us creates for a variety of different reasons. We’ve built a tool—PicsArt—to explore the multitude of these reasons. In fact, it’s not really us who are answering this question; it’s the artists in our community.

Whether it’s professionals who make art for a living or those for whom expressing themselves is an enjoyable hobby, we let our artists tell their stories, share their own answers to this question, both through their words and through their images. 

That’s why our 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to make 2016 an exploration and a celebration of our commonality—because though it is multifaceted, sometimes elusive, and manifests itself in many different ways, a creative drive is something that we all share.