hashtag my jacket

Spring is finally on its way, and you know what that means—out with the puffy coats and clunky boots of winter, and in with the light, bright colors of spring! With your wardrobe shifting, you’re probably dusting off your sandals and smoothing out the wrinkles from your spring dresses. It’s an exciting time! This week, we want to see your spring style, so share it with us by participating in the Weekly Tag #myjacket

How do you get in a spring mood? Whether you’re pulling out your trusty trenchcoat or you’re rocking a brand new denim jacket, we want to see your signature spring pieces. Spring is a time to embrace bright colors, wild patterns, and bold silhouettes. Give us a sneak peek into your spring wardrobe by snapping a shot of your jacket and sharing it with the hashtag #myjacket.