This week, we’re putting architecture in the spotlight with the Weekly Tag #staircase. Whether it’s a set of winding stairs straight out of a fairy tale, dark descending halls reminiscent of a haunted house, or the cozy staircase in your home, stairs make for stunning photographs because they allow you to play with perspective and create clever compositions. This week, snap a shot of one of the staircases around you and add the Weekly Tag #staircase to participate! 

When taking pictures of stairs, it’s all about perspective, so choose yours carefully. When capturing your staircase image, ask yourself what your photo evokes. There’s nothing like a spiral staircase to give you a dizzying perspective in your capture. A worm’s eye shot from the bottom of a long staircase can evoke struggle, perseverance, or hardship. Once you’ve got your shot, add the #staircase tag for a chance to be featured!