We are excited to welcome our new contributor, Chris Corradino. Chris is here to inspire you and help you excel in your own photography by providing tutorials and insider tips, based on his extensive experience and insight.

Chris Corradino is a dynamic photographer, leading international workshops across the globe, and recently named a Study Leader by Smithsonian Journeys. He is also a licensed teacher with the New York Institute of Photography, providing personalized instruction to students of all experience levels.

Chris admits to sitting in a small wooden blind for several hours waiting for a bird to appear, and waking up long before sunrise to capture a mountain range bathed in morning light.  Yet, as majestic as these scenes are, he finds even greater satisfaction in creating a unique photograph of something that would have otherwise gone by unnoticed.  It’s this elusive pursuit that inspires him to press the shutter and study life, one frame at a time. To learn more about Chris, visit online at www.christography.com

Photography expert Chris Corradino