Oh, Barbara. You’ve come a long way from your small-town upbringing in the fictional town of Willow, Wisconsin. And in light of recent events, it seems this world-famous doll has come a long way from her 1965 starvation-promoting collector’s edition, Slumber Party Barbie, who came replete with a scale permanently set to 110 pounds and a weight-loss book that had but one rule: “DON’T EAT!” Recently, however, Mattel’s famous toy doll Barbie has gotten a makeover and it’s one that’s several steps (and waist sizes) in the right direction. The latest collection of Barbies has finally taken the years of criticism over the doll’s unrealistic proportions into account. The new line of Barbies will include 33 models in a range of skin tones, hair and eye colors and body types (‘Original’, ‘Tall’, ‘Petite’, and ‘Curvy’), to reflect and celebrate the variety of shapes and sizes that real women come in. According to the head of the Barbie brand, Evelyn…