cool fonts


Ever thought about fonts? There are some brand logos that are so instantly recognizable that if you were to write something else in their font, your fans would understand what brand it’s aspiring to be. And that’s largely because of their font face! Brands like Coca Cola, Google, Pinterest, Supreme, Zara, and eBay have no doubt spent a considerable amount of time nailing the perfect font to convey their brand’s signature aesthetic. When it comes to making your brand pop among a sea of logos, it’s crucial to pick the perfect font that conveys a one-of-a-kind look, all while eliciting a positive feeling.

Nothing gets a message across on your edits quite like adding text to your image. Whether you are documenting a romantic evening or bracing yourself for the first day of school, adding text is the perfect way bring out all of the emotion you want to convey. Word art, however, isn’t just about what you say. The font you choose is equally important. That’s why we know you will love the new fonts the just arrived at the PicsArt Shop. via PicsArt We have you covered from Summer BBQs to festive fall packs, with a special Halloween preview. Go bold, go spooky, keep it soft and simple, or brush up on your grammar school cursive. With these new packs, the text world is your oyster. via PicsArt via PicsArt All of this and more is ready for you to explore today! Are you a PicsArt Gold Subscriber? Head right over…