Have you ever noticed that most holidays are associated with certain colors? When you think of Christmas decorations, for example, images of reds and greens probably pop into your head. Halloween is recognized by its spooky orange and black color scheme and Easter is usually depicted in a plethora of pastel colors that evoke the whimsy of springtime. Beyond the red-and-green scheme, we see a lot during the holiday season, Jewish-Americans are keen on blue and white, the colors that decorate Hanukkah (or Chanukah) tablescapes, and Hanukkah decorations during what’s known as the festival of lights. 

Candles are glowing. Dreidels are spinning. The smell of latkes is inescapable, and every night is filled with glowing eyes taking in ancient stories of community, love and faith. You guessed it. The festival of lights is here, and our Hanukkah Templates are ready to make your holiday edits sparkle. via PicsArt You would be hard-pressed to find a holiday more steeped in tradition than Hanukkah. The holiday began in the second century B.C., and marks the anniversary of the Maccabean Revolt, when the Jewish people rose against their oppressors. The miracle of Hanukkah was marked by an olive oil-lit candle, which against all odds, burned for eight nights, allowing them to find all the supplies they needed to survive. Today, Jewish communities around the world celebrate this miracle by lighting a candle for each night of the revolt. Families come together to celebrate their history, eating the crispy latkes…