We’re midway through summer, and for some of us, that means one thing and one thing only: reaching our #MermaidGoals. Well, we’ve got a gift for you! We’re going beyond mermaid braids and dressing up as Hipster Ariel this year. Bring on all the #MermaidFeels. Because you should always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then you should always, always be a mermaid. Follow this tutorial to see how you can stop adulting and just start being mer-mazing. And catch the images below for some more mer-spiration. We can always use more Vitamin Sea. Now show off your scales (and throw out your “Secretly a Mermaid” mugs) with #MermaidLife (and #MadeWithPicsart!) so we can get a dose! Watch the video tutorial here: Quick tip: grab the scale images from our @freetoedit account, add them to your photo with the Add Photo Tool, and use the opacity slider and…