social editing trends


First things first: 2019 was AWESOME. Another year of unthinkable amounts of creative expression down and it did not disappoint. It’s impossible to explain just how awesome 2019 really was, but we’ll do our best ?‍♀️?‍♂️  A HUGE part of what made 2019 so incredible is our users and the awesome content they made. So, it’s only fitting we start there when it comes to reflecting on the past 12 months. As an ode to 2019 and our PicsArtists (?), we decided to do a deep dive into the top social and visual editing trends powered by our largest creative communities around the world! One trend (unsurprisingly) reigned supreme: BTS was consistently the number one trending fandom globally ???? This means that millions of BTS-related content (stickers, fan art, GIFs, and more) were uploaded, edited, or remixed on our platform as fans from all over the world connected and celebrated…