By Spot, your guide to the best places in the world *for you* according to the friends and experts you trust. It could be (and has been) said that Zach Stovall (@zachstovall in Spot) has the best job in the world. As the senior staff photographer for ISLANDS and Destinations Weddings & Honeymoons magazines, he travels constantly — sometimes multiple times a month. But while your standard-issue business trip plays out in stale conference rooms and sad hotel bars, Stovall is tasked with capturing the could-be-unreal scenes that will be splashed across glossy magazine spreads, inciting wanderlust in a readership that demands it. Given that the man knows his way around all types of scenery, from coastlines to mountaintops, and could probably take a decent photo with his eyes closed, we asked him to share five easy tips that anyone could use to take better landscape photos. Check out his advice…