Weekly Draw Challenges - PicsArt

  • Let’s,see,what,you’ve,got!,Draw,a,#FunnyTurkey,to,enter,the,Weekly,Draw,Challenge.
    Funny Turkey

    Let’s see what you’ve got! Draw a #FunnyTurkey to ...

  • Submit,a,drawing,of,#FilmCharacters,to,enter,this,Draw,Challenge!
    Film Characters

    Submit a drawing of #FilmCharacters to enter this ...

  • Celebrate,PicsArt's,Birthday,by,recreating,our,logo,with,your,creative,touch,and,enter,it,as,a,beautiful,drawing!,The,winner's,logo,will,be,internationally,displayed,on,the,app!
    Design PicsArt Logo

    Celebrate PicsArt's Birthday by recreating our log...

  • Witch,drawing,will,win,this,Challenge?,For,yours,to,get,the,prize,,draw,witches,at,work!,

    Witch drawing will win this Challenge? For yours t...

  • Show,us,how,monsters,party,during,Halloween,for,this,Draw,Challenge.
    Monster Mash

    Show us how monsters party during Halloween for th...

  • Show,us,how,you,celebrate,Halloween,with,a,spooky,ghost,Drawing!

    Show us how you celebrate Halloween with a spooky ...

  • Submit,a,heavenly,drawing,of,angels,for,the,win!

    Submit a heavenly drawing of angels for the win!

  • Draw,a,picture,of,lakes,and,ponds,to,enter!
    Lakes and Ponds

    Draw a picture of lakes and ponds to enter!

  • If,you,could,be,a,butterfly,,which,one,would,you,be?,Draw,It,for,a,win!

    If you could be a butterfly, which one would you b...

  • Create,an,original,drawing,of,someone,expressing,an,emotion,to,enter!

    Create an original drawing of someone expressing a...

  • Create,an,illustration,of,a,beautiful,fairy,to,enter,the,challenge!

    Create an illustration of a beautiful fairy to ent...

  • Submit,an,original,drawing,of,eyes,to,enter,the,challenge!,Cover,image,by,@empereal

    Submit an original drawing of eyes to enter the ch...

  • Submit,an,original,fashion,drawing,to,enter,this,week's,challenge!

    Submit an original fashion drawing to enter this w...

  • Make,a,drawing,inspiring,by,Keith,Haring,to,enter!
    Keith Haring Style

    Make a drawing inspiring by Keith Haring to enter!

  • Submit,an,original,Anime,drawing,for,this,week's,challenge!

    Submit an original Anime drawing for this week's c...

  • Create,an,original,ballerina,drawing,to,enter!,Cover,image,by,@whitecloud21

    Create an original ballerina drawing to enter! Cov...

  • If,you,could,have,any,superpower,what,would,it,be?,Draw,it!

    If you could have any superpower what would it be?...

  • Draw,an,awesome,picture,of,a,whale,to,enter!

    Draw an awesome picture of a whale to enter!

  • Draw,,funny,characters,out,of,fruits,and,vegetables,to,enter!
    Fruit & Veggie Characters

    Draw funny characters out of fruits and vegetable...

  • Draw,your,own,meditative,mandala,for,this,week's,challenge.,Cover,image,by,@freekymom

    Draw your own meditative mandala for this week's c...

  • Draw,a,picture,of,dancing,Hippos,to,enter!
    Dancing Hippos

    Draw a picture of dancing Hippos to enter!

  • Take,your,imagination,under,the,sea,and,draw,a,fish,to,enter!

    Take your imagination under the sea and draw a fis...

  • Draw,a,picture,of,your,own,imaginary,Wonderland,to,win!,Cover,image,by,@thothanh26

    Draw a picture of your own imaginary Wonderland to...

  • Illustrate,a,favorite,food,recipe,to,enter!
    Favorite Recipe

    Illustrate a favorite food recipe to enter!

  • Draw,your,own,Magical,Creature,to,enter,this,week’s,challenge!
    Magical Creatures

    Draw your own Magical Creature to enter this week’...

  • Draw,an,amazing,Van,Gogh,style,sky,to,win,this,week’s,challenge!
    Van Gogh Sky

    Draw an amazing Van Gogh style sky to win this wee...

  • Draw,your,fantasy,prom,dress,to,enter,this,week’s,challenge!
    Prom Dresses

    Draw your fantasy prom dress to enter this week’s ...

  • Draw,a,winning,self,portrait,to,enter,this,week’s,challenge!
    Self Portrait

    Draw a winning self portrait to enter this week’s ...

  • Get,spooky,and,draw,a,ghost,for,this,week’s,challenge!

    Get spooky and draw a ghost for this week’s challe...

  • Draw,your,funny,character,,and,share,it,for,a,win!
    Funny Character

    Draw your funny character, and share it for a win!