Pirate’s Life Clipart

A pirate's life clipart by picsart photo editing and collage making appHoist up the sails and grab your talking parrot, it’s Pirate’s Life Clipart! These stickers let you dress with your pirate hat and hook, and take your ship out to sea in search of booty. Jack Sparrow has had his time in the spotlight of as one of the baddest pirates of the caribbean, now it’s your turn.

Choose from different pirate outfits, use them in collages and beach photos, and send yourself on a treasure hunt. There’s loot to be had, so go out and take to the seven seas!

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Who Are Pirate’s Life Clipart for?

Well there for pirates! Maybe you never captained a ship, we know you’re a pirate on the inside, and these stickers let you express your inner blackbeard. If you’ve got a treasure map and a thirst for rum, this pack of stickers is for you.

pirate's life clipart preview by picsart photo editing and collage making appWhere to Find Pirate’s Life Clipart?

Pirate’s Life Stickers are in the Add-On Shop! You can browse the stickers menu, but it might be quicker to just plug “pirate” into the Shop’s searchbar! Download your pirate paraphernalia directly from the menu and start using it right away.

How to use Pirate’s Life Clipart

While beach photos are an obvious choice, there are few situations where dressing like a pirate is not an improvement. Got a part? Be a party pirate! Is it Friday afternoon? Grab the rum. Use them in all of your pics, but maybe leave out your LinkedInn profile.

To use stickers, just track down the Pirate’s Life Clipart that you want to use, then use your finger to drag the hats onto your head, parrots onto your shoulders, and cutlesses onto your hips. You’ll be looking like Jack Sparrow in no time, but if you want to surpass him, PicsArt let’s you explore uncharted photo-editing waters.

Mix and Match

Don’t just throw on a sticker and be done! If you have a full outfit, where all the parts. Use as many stickers as you require.

Use the Eraser

No, you’re not going to scrub out your new pirate hat for no reason! The eraser is a great way to make it look like your stickers are actually in the scene, not just on it. Make your pirate outfit disappear in certain places like it’s behind people and objects in your photo.

How About a Cocktail with that Cockatoo?

Pirates have the best parties, so liven up the mood with fun stickers like Summer Clipart and Cocktail stickers! Make your pirate a party pirate!

Bring the Heat With Lens Flare

If you’re out there looting the seas, you’re going to feel that Carribean sun! Make us feel the sunshine by adding a Lens Flare, they’re right there in the bottom menu!

Share and Get Likes

No one goes viral like pirates! But if you want everyone to fear your name, share your edits! You can directly upload to PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter and more directly from the editor.

Add locations and hashtags to be sure people can find your fearsome vessel Don’t just share on one network, share on all of them until you’re the most feared pirate of the carribean.

Get Remixed

Recruit an editing crew and tag your pic with #freetoedit to collaborate with other buccaneers. When you use the #freetoedit tag, it’s like inviting anyone to give your photo their own editing twist. You’ll get new followers, have great creative collaborations, and it’s always fun to see what people make with your edits.

Remix Your Friends

Makeover your friends into pirates! If you see the #freetoedit tag on their pic, throw a tricorn hat on their head and give em’ an eyepatch. Remix people into pirates, and see who makes the best buccaneer.

Search for Inspiration

PicsArt is loaded with awesome creative people, and that’s the best resource you have for inspiration when you’re looking for ideas. Search #pirates, #buccaneers, and #arrgh, and see what comes up (maybe not that last one).

Follow a Tutorial

Is the Pirate’s Life hard to adapt to? Well if you don’t have your editing sea legs, try a tutorial, and follow step by step on how to do some pretty amazing edits. Try easy, medium, or hard tutorials. There’s always something amazing to learn.

Try Out More Stickers!

If you want to hang up your hook and free your parrot, there’s plenty of other stickers for you to try out..

Celebrate your travels, throw on some animal ears, or fire off some Fireworks. Make your pirates fight UFOs, or leave your swashbuckling behind and chase rainbows.

Have a good look around and follow your inspiration!

Your move!

Dress for the seven seas and download Pirate’s Life Clipart today on the PicsArt app!

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