Animal Clipart

If you’re looking to adopt a four-legged companion for your photo editing, look no further than Animal Clipart. Fill your pics with floppy eared rabbits, loyal pups, and cuddly kittens — you don’t have to choose — take them all home with you in this one clipart pack, no litter box required. With Animal Clipart, you also get a handful of pet-themed speech bubbles so that your pets can be purr-fectly well understood.

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Who Animal Clipart is for

Animal Clipart on PicsArt - ASPCA Pets PackThe Animal Clipart pack is for pet lovers everywhere. If a furry-face is a sure-thing to get your tail wagging, then there is a lot for you to fall in love with here. It’s also great for anyone who has ever looked their animal in the face and wondered what they’re thinking. Fill in the blanks with Animal Clipart speech and thought bubbles.


Where to find Animal Clipart

Fetch Animal Clipart on the free PicsArt app. You can grab these precious pets and animals by tracking down Animal Clipart in the clipart menu, or searching for animal clipart directly in the in-app Shop.

Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor to use Animal Clipart.

Animal Clipart - ASPCA Pets pack from PicsArtHow to use Animal Clipart

Nothing is more endearing than a twitching rabbit nose or pair of whiskers. Drop these little critters in any pic to pluck at people’s heartstrings. You can also use the speech bubbles in the Animal Clipart pack on photos of your own pets to help them find their bark.

Animal Greeting Cards

Animal Clipart is a must for people who like to make their own cards. Birthday wishes just seem to mean more if it’s a cat saying them to you. We don’t know why, but a card aisle without dogs, cats and rabbits is not much of a card aisle at all.

Fun with Brush Off

A good way to tuck these furry little guys into your shots is to mess with perspective using the Brush Off feature. As with all clipart on PicsArt, you can use an eraser to brush off bits and pieces of your clipart to make it look like it’s disappearing behind objects and people. Hide a shy kity behind your legs, or tuck a rabbit behind your hat.

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Share your felines

No matter what kinds of furry edits you get up to with Animal Clipart, PicsArt will always prompt you automatically to share your edits on your fave social media. Spread the joy of puppy paws and rabbit ears — share your animal edits with your friends!

Animal Clipart - ASPCA Pets pack from PicsArtOther Animal Clipart packs?

When it comes to Animal Clipart, no one will look at you weird if you decide to adopt them all. In fact you don’t even have to stop there, PicsArt is loaded with tons of other fuzzy-themed clipart packs.

If you’re more into pups, pal around with man’s best friend and download Dog Clipart. If you’re more of a cat person, well there’s Cat Clipart too that’s available for download right meow.

No matter what animal you choose to adorn your pictures, Animal Clipart will quickly become your go to sticker pack for all things adorable. And don’t forget to tag your photos with #animal and #clipart for maximum visibility.




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