Animal Ears

Animal Ears Clipart banner by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppEmbrace your wild side and grow a fuzzy pair of animal ears! Whether you want floppy rabbit ears, round mouse ears, or pointed cat ears, get in touch with your inner animal and look adorable while you’re at it.


Choose from 10 different stickers and just pop them on whenever the mood strikes you. Throw them on selfies or group pics. Sprout your animal ears today!

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Who are Animal Ears for?

Animal Ears are for anyone who wants to have fun and take their fashion cues from the cutest members of the animal kingdom. If you’re about that wildlife, than this is for you. You don’t need any editing skills, these are stickers, which are super easy to use on PicsArt.

Animal Ears Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppWhere to Find Animal Ears?

Find Animal Ears in the PicsArt Shop or in the Stickers menu. Just tap the Stickers icon and scroll through the menu, or simply plug “Animal Ears” into the search bar. You can Download them directly from the stickers menu while you’re editing and start using Animal Ears right away!

How to use Animal Eats

To sprout a furry new pair of ears, open one of your pics in the editor, select the Animal Ears pack from the Stickers menu, choose the pair of ears that you want to use, and then just drag and drop them into place. Add as many stickers as you want! PicsArt has loads of features to let you customize each one.

Use Your Fingers

You can rotate, shrink and enlarge clipart with two-finger touch movements. Once you get a hang of the basics, you can start branching out and trying some really cool stuff.

Work Animal Ears Into Your Hairdo

Sometimes, your hairdo just isn’t right for popping on a pair of ears realistically, you need to actually tuck them into your hair. Thankfully, that’s easier done than said! Just tap the eraser icon and brush off the parts of your ears that you want hidden behind your hair.

Add Makeup

If you’re going to give yourself a makeover, Animal Ears don’t have to be your one and only accessory. Complete your look with Makeup stickers. Holographic Makeup is way cool, and if you want to really take things to a full on into a fantasy land, try Unicorn Makeup.

Have Fun with Blend

Blend your stickers into your pic for a softer look by either adjusting the opacity slider, or tapping Blend and scrolling through different preset blending modes.

Add More

Press the plus icon on the top menu bar to add more stickers, text, photos, or even lens flares. Once you tap “apply”, your edits are fixed into place, so here is your chance to add more while you can still move everything around.

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Share and Get Likes

Animal Ears are about having fun and making your friends laugh, so don’t keep your furry new look all to yourself!Share your edits! Sharing on PicsArt is instant, and you can do it directly from within the app.

Be sure to add hashtags and a location to get likes and give yourself a shot at going viral. PicsArt lets you upload to all of your favorite social networks, so spread the love.

Get Remixed

Tap #freetoedit when you share and make your image available for remixing, and see how other people edit your images. Throw on a pair of ears, then see where others take your look from there.

Remix Your Friends

Remixing goes both ways! Try remixing someone else’s photo. There’s a whole world of portraits out there that could be seriously improved with a long pair of rabbit ears! Just tap Remix on any photo that pops up in your feed and get right to it.

Seek Inspiration

Search the hashtag #AnimalEars to see how other people are using this wild fashion accessory. Whether you get inspiration out of it or just a laugh, it’s always worth checking out.

Follow a Tutorial

New to photo-editing? Follow a step-by-step tutorial to give yourself guidance and inspiration. Whether you want something easy, medium, or hard, work your way up the ranks and discover all of the amazing things that you can do with PicsArt.

Try More Stickers

When it comes to stickers, there’s plenty more themes out there to fuel your creativity for hours on end.

If you’re into eccentric fashion, try throwing on a crystal crown or a colorful party wig. If you want to create a festive mood, light some fireworks or set off a glitter bomb.

Half the fun is exploring, so look around and follow your inspiration!

Your move!

Hop to it, and embrace your wild side today by downloading Animal Ears on the PicsArt Photo Editor!

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