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Proudly send off your first grader, wish somebody a happy day at school, or just show off how much fun you’re having in class with a school clipart pack that’s all about celebrating the joy of learning. School Clipart gives you dozens of ways to decorate your photos with text overlays, icons, and everything else school related! Using your new clipart with the PicsArt Photo Editor is as easy as ABC. Pull up any photo and in a few easy taps apply any of the quotes or graphics on your image wherever and however you want. You can resize, rotate, clip crop erase duplicate and oh so much more. You’re taking notes on this, right?

Relax with school clipart

After you’ve hit the books

You know what they say, work hard – play harder with School Clipart from PicsArt. Welcome in the school year in style with phrases and graphics that will make you the coolest kid in school. And for those days that you’re daydreaming in class, having some fun clipart on your phone to play around with sounds like a good proposition. Cause let’s face it, you’re gonna pull out your phone in class anyway, so why not at least do something productive with it. So open up PicsArt and make some awesome pictures. When the teacher asks you to share what you’re doing with the rest of the class, you’ll be proud to..

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