Betty Boop Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing App

Betty Boop Stickers

Grace your pics with the iconic miss Betty Boop with this pack of fun stickers! Betty Boop has always been the most coquette cartoon out there, and now you can bring her iconic style into your edits. 

Choose from over 40 stickers. Catch Betty in all of her different looks, with fun logos and phrases. Give your photos that extra boost of have the original “it” girl.

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Who are Betty Boop Stickers for?

Betty Boop Stickers are for anyone who loves Betty’s OG swag, or just has a thing for vintage cartoons. This is for all of Betty’s fans, no editing skills required. You can use stickers in a snap.

Where to Find Betty Boop Clipart?

Betty Boop Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing AppFind Betty Boop stickers by searching the Add-Ons Shop, and plugging “Betty Boop” into the search bar. You can also track down Betty Boop stickers directly from the Stickers menu by just scrolling until you stumble upon the right stickers pack.

How to use Betty Boop Stickers

Betty Boop stickers are great for retro edits, vintage postcards, or just fun edits of you and your friends. Betty is iconic, so she just has a way totally stepping up your editing game.

How do you add stickers? Well find the Betty Boop sticker that you want to use, then use motion gestures to resize and drag your stickers into place. It’s super easy, but you can always do more with PicsArt’s awesome editing features.


Dragging, Rotating, and Resizing

For the basics, it’s all about touch movements. Use one finger to drag and drop, or try two fingers to rotate and resize. You’ll get the hang of it in a snap.

Blend it with Betty

Blend your stickers into your pics by playing with the opacity slider or scrolling between blending modes. Just tap blend, and then pick a blending mode from the menu.

Mix Betty into the Scene

With the eraser, you can make it look like you and your friends are hanging out with Betty. Don’t just drop Betty over your pics, erase bits to make it look like she’s there with you, standing behind people and objects in your photo. Tap the eraser icon and then brush it off.

Make Your Own Cartoon

With callouts, you can write in dialogue and create your own comic book strip. Add in a callout and make Betty say whatever you want. Have a back and forth conversation, or create a collage to write out an actual narrative.

Make a Betty Boop Card

Betty Boop is your perfect messenger for cards. Whether you’re sending a postcard on vacation or wishing someone a happy birthday, include Betty in the mix.

Share and Get Likes

Share your Betty edits and get likes and new followers. Post your Betty Boop edits to your PicsArt profile, or share her on all of your other favorite social networks. Make sure you throw in as many hashtags as you can think of, if you want to maximize your chances of getting new likes and followers. Make sure you write in the location too!

Invite Others to Remix Your Pics

Use the #freetoedit hashtag to open the door for other artists to edit your photos. Just throw on that hashtag and see what other people add and transform in your photos. Bring in Betty Boop, and then let your friends roll with it.

Remix Other Artists

You can find unlimited photos to edit by searching the hashtag #freetoedit! Hit your friends with some Betty Boop, and give them a blast of nostalgic cartoon fun.

Get Inspired

If you’re ever in a rut and in need of a fresh new lookout, explore PicsArt! There’s plenty of original creative people out there, and you can search around by hashtags like #Betty, or #Cartoons.

Follow a Tutorial

Take your editing skills to the gym, and step up your editing game with a PicsArt tutorial. Each tutorial can open your eyes to a whole new editing horizon, and you can pace yourself to learn at your speed. Tutorials come in three different levels; easy, medium, and hard. Start with the basics, then creep up little by little until you’re hitting the hardest edits out of the park.

Try More clipart

Betty Boop is one of thousands of stickers for you to try on the PicsArt app. There’s a bottomless supply of themes.

Shower your edits in shining streams of falling stars, send your pics to Hawaii with Aloha Clipart, or make it happy hour and pour yourself a Cocktails Clipart. Turn yourself into a sculpture, or celebrate that healthy Yoga Life. Literally you can find everything, so take your pick!

Your move!

Download Betty Boop stickers today to give your photography that vintage iconic cartoon vibe.

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