Broken Glass Clipart

Smash up your pics with Broken Glass clipart! With a tap of your finger, you can bust your photos wide open like a window. Send shards of glass splintering along the edges of your frame and cracks breaking across the center. Broken Glass clipart looks so real, you’ll be running your fingers across your phone just to be sure you didn’t crack your screen.

Who Broken Glass Clipart is for

Broken Ice Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioBroken Glass Clipart is for anyone who loves to play around with textures. Whether you just get a kick out of creating a convincing illusion, or if broken glass fits the theme of a project you’re working on, this is a chance to smash something up without any mess or regret — just pure fun.

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Where to find Broken Glass Clipart

Broken Glass clipart is readily available on the PicsArt app, a free photo editor that you can download on basically any phone or tablet. Just scroll the clipart menu in the editor or search directly in the Shop.

Broken Ice Clipart by PicsArt Photo StudioHow to use Broken Glass Clipart

The Broken Glass Clipart package lets you choose from a list of different shattered patterns, so scroll until you find the one that fits whatever you are working on. There’s no limit to what you can do with this awesome pack, but here are a few ideas to get you started.


Broken Glass Clipart is a great way to hit your shots with a sharp edge, so bring the attitude in your pics. No one is above throwing a karate punch or a high kick. Otherwise, you can always shoot a killer look and throw a stare that shatters glass.

Adjusting the Glass

Control the transparency of your Broken Glass Clipart by playing with the opacity slider. The more transparent the glass, the thinner it looks, so you can go for a softer, more subtle look if you want, or just crank the opacity to 100% for the hardest edges possible.

Brush Off

You don’t have to use all of the glass in each design. Select the eraser icon to brush off glass that you don’t want to appear over your pic, and just keep the bits you need.


After smashing up your pics, share your creative destruction with your friends. Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt you are automatically prompted with the option to save and upload to your fave social media networks. Kick down those glass barriers and let people in!

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