Butterfly Clipart

Come out of your creative cocoon and swarm your favorite pics with Butterfly Clipart. Choose from thirty four colorful butterflies to flutter into your selfies and landscapes. Butterfly Clipart covers a beautiful variety of butterfly species, laying flat and resting at different angles, so that no matter what edit you are working on, there is a butterfly for that. And see more clipart collections here.

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Who Butterfly Clipart is for

Butterfly Clipart by PicsArt Photo StudioButterfly Clipart is for anyone who has ever stopped to take a minute after crossing paths with a butterfly. They just have a way of making a moment seem slightly more special and beautiful. But frankly, photo-editors everywhere would be surprised just how often you’ll find yourself using butterfly clipart. More on that later.

Where to find Butterfly Clipart

No butterfly catching net is required! Butterfly Clipart is available for download on the free PicsArt app – download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor. Capture Butterfly Clipart by scrolling through the clipart menu, or search for it directly in the in-app Shop under the name Butterfly Love.

How to use Butterfly Clipart

Butterfly Clipart from PicsArt Photo Studio

Releasing a couple of butterflies into an image is often just the final touch an image needs to feel like a special moment. It’s amazing how the entire feeling of a photo or edit can change by resting a butterfly on a finger or nose, or releasing a few into the air. Our eyes are used to seeing them flutter by quickly, so seeing them still has a way of elegantly slowing down the moment.

Just the Wings

Butterfly Clipart is sometimes less about the insects and more about the wings. If your edits lean towards the fantastical, then Butterfly Clipart is the perfect source for fairy wings of any kind. Like all clipart, once you choose a butterfly, you have the option to tap the eraser and brush off any part of the clipart that you like. Erase the body and keep the wings for yourself. Create your own fairy tale.

Butterfly Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioCatch and Release

Once you’ve captured the magic of Butterfly Clipart in your edits, don’t keep them locked away in your smartphone. Release them into the world! Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt, you are prompted automatically with options to directly share your creation on whatever your fave social media may be. Add the #butterflyclipart hashtag and you’re good to go. You never know what edit will grow wings of its own and become a viral hit.

Other clipart packs?

Butterfly Clipart is just one among countless other exciting and artistic clipart packages to make your edits pop. Half the fun is browsing through — sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it — but if you’re itching to check out some clipart right away, there’s a couple of great places to start.
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