Chinese Dragons Clipart

Send China’s scaliest mythological creature flying through your pics with Chinese Dragons Clipart. Pick from 11 stickers featuring snarling dragons, as well as dragon masks and tails in case you want to turn into a bonafide Chinese Dragon yourself. Sharpen your editing claws for the Chinese New Year, and breathe some fire into your favorite pics.

Chinese Dragon Clipart from PicsArt


Where to find Chinese Dragons Clipart

Find Chinese Dragons Clipart on PicsArt, a free photo editing app that’s available on almost any smartphone or tablet. Just check the clipart menu in the editor, or search for Dragons Clipart directly in our in-app Shop. Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor and start creating!

Chinese Dragons Clipart from PicsArtWho Chinese Dragons Clipart is for

Chinese Dragons Clipart is for anyone looking to harness the power of dragons in your shots. You don’t need any photo-editing skills or experience. Wth PicsArt, adding clipart is easy enough for anyone to master.

How to use Chinese Dragons Clipart

Chinese Dragons are the perfect way to give your Chinese New Year pics some of that majestic splendor that only dragons can bring to the table. To add clipart, just upload a pic into the editor, tap the clipart icon, find the Chinese Dragons pack and pick a dragon! Then it’s just about dragging and dropping, but if you want to go further, PicsArt is loaded with awesome features.

Rotating & Sizing

First, let’s talk about some basics. To rotate and size clipart, it’s all about two-finger touch movements. Pinch your sticker to shrink, spread your fingers to enlarge, or to rotate, just rotate with two fingers.


To smoothly blend your Chinese Dragon sticker into your shot, you can either reduce the opacity or scroll between preset blending modes.

Brush Off

Drop your Chinese Dragons right into the scene by erasing bits and pieces to make it look like your dragons are flying behind objects in your photos. After you pick a dragon, tap the eraser icon and brush away the pieces you want to hide.


Show off your Chinese Dragons Clipart edits and share them on your favorite social networks directly from within the PicsArt app. After confirming your final changes, you’ll be brought to a screen where you can just choose the networks that you want to share on with the tap of the finger. Use the #Lunarnewyear hashtag for maximum exposure. 

Other clipart packs?

If you’re into the creative zone and want to stay there, PicsArt has more than enough clipart packs to fuel your inspiration. For the Chinese New Year alone, there’s some really cool options. Overlay Chinese calendars onto your pics with Chinese New Year Clipart or celebrate the Year of the Rooster with Lunar New Year clipart. For some frames to match your Chinese Dragon Clipart, try Chinese Dragon Frames. Of course, there’s an endless variety of themes beyond the Chinese New Year on PicsArt, so have fun exploring. Sometimes the best clipart pack is the one that you stumble onto by accident.

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