Chinese New Year Clipart

Celebrate one of the world’s oldest and most festive traditions with Chinese New Year Clipart! This pack of Chinese calendars is perfect for overlays, and syncs up your pics with the time-tables of the ancient Chinese. For centuries, the Chinese have rung in the first day of the lunar new year with parades, paper dragons, and fireworks. Join the celebration with your edits, and ring in the Chinese New Year with the crash of a gong!

Who Chinese New Year Clipart is for

Chinese New Year Clipart if for anyone who loves the parades, feelings, and traditions of the Chinese New Year. You don’t need any special skills or expertise, with PicsArt, adding clipart is as easy as a tap of the finger.

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Where to find Chinese New Year Clipart

You don’t have to go all the way to China to get your hands on Chinese New Year Clipart. You’ll find it along with hundreds of other exciting clipart packs on the PicsArt app. PicsArt is a free photo editor that’s available for basically any smartphone or tablet. Track down Chinese New Year clipart in the editor’s clipart menu, or search for it directly from the in-app Shop.

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How to use Chinese New Year Clipart

Using Chinese New Year Clipart is as easy as uploading a pic into the PicsArt editor, selecting your clipart from the clipart menu, and then just dragging and dropping. It’s as simple as that, but if you want to go further, there’s a couple of cool editing tricks you can pull off to make your edits really sing.

Brush Off

Integrate your Chinese New Year calendars into your pics by erasing certain bits to make it look like your calendar is weaving behind objects and people. Just tap the eraser icon when you select a clipart image and then brush off the areas you want to hide.

Blending and Color

Blend your Chinese New Year Clipart into your photos by reducing the opacity slider or scrolling between preset blending modes. You can also tap the color icon to play with different colors. When in doubt, stick to red, the traditional color of the Chinese New Year!


Don’t keep your edits hidden away in your smartphone. PicsArt automatically prompts you after each edit to share to your favorite social networks with just a single touch. Share with your friends and bring them into the celebration with the #Chinesenewyear hashtag!

Other clipart packs?

PicsArt has a treasure trove of awesome clipart to make your pics pop, so if you like Chinese New Year Clipart don’t stop there. There is also New Year Clipart and New Year Wishes Clipart to help you celebrate the clean slate of 12 months ahead of you. You can also totally break from the New Year theme and just explore. Sometimes the best clipart pack is the one that you stumble upon.

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