Cocktail Clipart edit by PicsArt photo editing and collage making appCocktails Clipart

Grab your shaker and sliced lemons, it’s time to stir up an ice-cold summer cocktail! Cocktail stickers let you raise glass of colorful hooch in the air like you just don’t care, because there’s no problem that a mixed drink can’t make better.

Choose from a dozen drinks, use them in your vaca pics and collages! It’s nice outside, and happy hour should be whenever you decide it is.

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Who are Cocktails Clipart for?

Well because there’s no real alcohol involved here, we don’t need an ID or anything like that, plus stickers are easy enough for anyone to use. If you can have fun with these beverages in your edits, they’re yours to order up!

Where to Find Cocktails Clipart?

Cocktail Clipart by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppThere’s no in-app tiki bar, but there is a Stickers menu and an Add-Ons Shop! Just tap the Stickers Icon and scroll around, or tap the Add-Ons Icon and plug “Cocktails” into the search bar. You can download them directly from the editor, and serve up these mixed drinks right away.

How to use Cocktail Clipart

To use these delicious cocktails, open them in the Stickers menu, tap the sticker you want to use, and then just drag and drop it into place. Add as many as you want, there’s plenty enough for everybody! If you want to take things further, PicsArt is also loaded with awesome features to customize your edits:

Use Your Fingers

You can rotate, shrink and enlarge Clipart with two-finger touch movements. Once you get a hang of the basics, you can start branching out and trying some really cool stuff.

Don’t forget those back tables!

Don’t just stick your cocktails over your pics like bumper stickers, you can do better than that! Tap the eraser icon and brush off bits and pieces to make it look like your drinks are disappearing behind people and objects. Put them right in the middle of your scene!

Blend it!

No, not that kind of blend (we don’t need crushed ice here), we’re talking about blending your stickers into your pics. Reduce the opacity slider to fade stickers, or tap Blend and scroll between preset blending modes.

Make a Collage

Cocktails are a must for collages of your most legendary summer nights and vacation pics. Try using them to create an unforgettable summer collage!

Add More

Press the plus icon on the top menu bar to add more Clipart, text, photos, or even lens flares. Once you tap “apply”, your edits are fixed into place, so here is your chance to add more while you can still move everything around.

Share and Get Likes

Don’t leave anyone unserved at this party. Share your edits! Sharing on PicsArt is instant, and you can do it directly from within the app.

Be sure to add hashtags and a location to get likes and give yourself a shot at going viral. PicsArt lets you upload to all of your favorite social networks when you post an edit, so spread the fun around.

Get Remixed

Tap #freetoedit when you share and make your image available for remixing, and see how other people edit your images. Add the first few stickers, then see where others take it from there.

Remix Your Friends

Remixing goes both ways! Try remixing someone else’s photo, and serve up some cocktails alongside their shots (see what we did there?)! Just tap Remix on any photo that pops up in your feed and get right to it.

Get Inspired

Search the hashtag #cocktails to get ideas and see what kinds of fun edits your peers are stirring up. At the very least, you’ll learn about some cool new drink ideas.

Follow a Tutorial

New to photo-editing? Follow a step-by-step tutorial to give yourself guidance and inspiration. Whether you want something easy, medium, or hard, work your way up the ranks and discover all of the amazing things that you can do with PicsArt.

Try More Clipart Packs

If you’re having a great time, there doesn’t have to be a hangover to this party! Keep the fun going with other awesome stickers. On PicsArt, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Keep it silly with some party wigs, or give your night an epic finale with fireworks! Set off a glitter bomb, enhance that nightlife vibe with glowing neon lights, or make it magical with showers of falling stars.

Half the fun is look so take a look around and see what grabs you. There are enough stickers on PicsArt to fuel your creativity for hours!

Your move!

Serve up some colorful and delicious mixed drink edits that’ll have everyone saying, “cheers”! Get Cocktails today on the PicsArt app!

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