Easter Clipart

Put a hop in your step with Easter Clipart. These twelve stickers of watercolor illustrations bring a classic storybook feel to the themes of Easter and spring. 

Who is Easter Clipart for?

Easter Clipart’s for anyone who has a soft-spot for floppy ears and fuzzy tails. Using stickers is easy on PicsArt, you don’t need any skills or editing experience to have fun.

Download Easter Bunny Clipart

Easter Clipart preview by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making free appWhere do I find it?

You’ll find Easter Clipart in the PicsArt Shop or in the Sticker menu. Just tap the sticker icon and scroll through the menu, or plug in “Easter” into the search bar.

How do I use it?

To add an Easter Bunny sticker, open the clipart pack in the Stickers menu, choose a sticker, and then just drag and drop it into place. Add as many stickers as you want! PicsArt has loads of features to let you customize each one.


Use Your Fingers

You can rotate, shrink and enlarge clipart with two finger touch movements.

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Use the Eraser to Hide

To hide clipart within your scene, use the eraser to brush off bits and pieces so that your clipart looks like it’s partially hiding behind objects. Lower the hardness of your brush if you want to fade out your sticker at the edges.

Blend In

Blend your stickers into your photos by reducing the opacity slider or scrolling between different preset blending modes.

Add More

Press the plus icon up top to add more stickers, text, photos, or even lens flares. Once you tap “apply”, your edits are fixed in place, so here is your chance to add more while you can still move everything around.

Share and Get Likes

Share with the #Easter hashtag and location info to get likes and give yourself a shot at going viral. PicsArt lets you upload to all of your favorite social networks when you post an edit, so spread the love.


Get Remixed

Be sure to tap #freetoedit to make your image available for remixing, and see how other people edit your images.

Other clipart packs?

If you’re in the creative zone and want to keep the momentum going, PicsArt is filled with enough exciting and fun stickers to fuel your creativity for hours.

Stay on theme with Easter Clipart, and hit your pics with some colored eggs and easter quotes. Embrace the spring vibe and try Flower Clipart to send your pics into full blossom. Maybe flirt with spring love and try Cupid clipart to take a shot from cupid’s arrow.

Half the fun is browsing so take a look around and follow your inspiration. You never know what you might stumble into.

Your move

Unleash fuzzy bunnies into your pics and download Easter Bunny Clipart on PicsArt today!

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