Eyes Clipart

Upgrade your peepers with Eyes Clipart, and fill your eyes with an assortment of mystical patterns. Inspired by nature and outer space, this clipart pack gives you magic eyes that glow with swirls of stars and pools of color. Send a blazing ring of fire searing around your pupils or give yourself a chilling gaze with rings of ice. Create a stare that people will never forget.

Eyes Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioWho Eyes Clipart is for

Eyes Clipart is for anyone who sees the magic and beauty in the world around them. It’s as easy as dragging and fitting the clipart over your eyes, so anyone can do this. Though the process is simple, you’ll find that the results come out absolutely hypnotic every single time.

Where to find Eyes Clipart

You’ll find Eyes Clipart on the PicsArt app, which is a free photo editor that you can download on basically any device. Upload a pic from your phone into the editor and track down Eyes Clipart by either scrolling through the clipart menu or using the search bar in PicsArt’s in-app Shop.

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Eyes Clipart Pack by PicsArt Photo StudioHow to use Eyes Clipart

All there is to using Eyes Clipart is tapping the eyes you want to use, and positioning them over the eyes in your pics one at a time. You can use the same eyes twice for a matching pair, or mix and match. Once you’ve got that down, however, you might want to try experimenting with some other cool things that you can do.


Rather than fully replace your eyes with a new pair of peepers, if your portrait is a closeup, then you might want to actually blend Eyes Clipart with your actual eyes. To do this, you can reduce the opacity slider to make them see-through like contact lenses, or you can play with different preset blending modes.

Brush Off

Take the design into your own hands. By tapping the eraser icon, you can brush off bits of your Eyes Clipart for a custom look. That means you can only apply the design to half of your eye if you want, or even erase in swirling patterns to create a marbling effect.


No one said that the edits you make with Eyes Clipart have to be for your eyes only — share and post your creations online! Whenever you finish any edit on PicsArt, you are automatically prompted to upload your edits on the social media of your choosing. Save, share, and post your work for all to see.

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