Fitspiration CLipart Edit Banner by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage making appFitspiration Clipart

Get pumped to pump iron, and rev your engine for some serious working out with Fitspiration stickers. This pack of motivation phrases is custom made to boost up your engines and get you to the gym.

Use them on your pics of your changing body as you build muscle and shed pounds. Be an inspiration to everyone out there. It’s not called Fitspiration for nothing!

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Who is Fitspiration Clipart for?

Fitspiration is for anyone who understands that building healthy exercise routine is all about mastering a state of mind. If you believe that focus and determination are necessary to burning calories and getting a rockin’ bod, this is right in your wheelhouse. Don’t sweat it if you’ve never edited a photo a single time in your life, stickers are astoundingly easy to use.

Fitspiration Clipart Preview by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage Making AppWhere to find Fitspiration Clipart?

Finding stickers on the PicsArt app is as easy as pie, but with none of the calories. The quickest way (by far) is to tap that little shopping basket icon on the end of the bottom menu, and search for Fitspiration in the search bar of the Add Ons Shop. If you like to scroll, however, feel free to search through the stickers menu until you stumble on it. You can download stickers directly from the editor, even if you’re smack in the middle of a big project.

How to use Fitspiration Clipart

Use Fitspiration stickers to inspire people to get fit (obviously)! That means slap them on everything and everywhere, use these as reminders of why it’s worth it to grind out a good sweaty workout every day. This is about #goals. Make a fitness poster or share an exercise album. Be the inspiration you want to see in the world!

But how is it actually done? Well it’s as easy as tracking down the stickers, picking one you like, then moving it into place. Of course, you can do a lot more; you can do about as much as you want to. PicsArt is loaded with editing features to create amazing things, and here are just a few ideas.

Finger Gestures

To begin with the bare bones basics, you use your fingers for simple customizations like rotations, enlarging, shrinking, etc. Just use one finger or two. You’ll get the hang of it in seconds.

Make it Seamless with Blending

Really make your fitspiration a part of your photos by blending your stickers into the background. You can do it by simply reducing the opacity or scrolling the app’s modes of blending. You can browse them when you tap “blend”.

Erase for Effect

Use the eraser to make your phrases feel like they’re actually bumping up against things in your photos. Erasing the right piece can make it appear as though your fitness slogan is passing behind people, objects, and landscapes.

Make a Poster

Think about how much more motivated you would be if there were motivational posters hanging up on every wall. Print out your edits and pin them in places where you can’t escape their motivational messages.

Share a Fitness Album

Track your workout progress with photos, and make album with Fitspiration stickers that shows off how far you’ve come!

Share and Get Likes

You can’t inspire people if you don’t share the inspiration with the greater community. Post your fitness posters online and share your words of wisdom on all of your fave networks, including Facebook, Twitter, PicsArt and more! You can take you pick from directly in the PicsArt app.

If you want to get likes, be sure that you write in every hashtag you can think of. The more hashtags you add to your edits, the more likely it is that people will stumble upon you awesome work. And that’s how you motivate people to get back in the gym!

Get Remixed

With #freetoedit, you can motivate people to workout their photo-editing muscles! Any image with that tag can be edited by anyone, so it’s giving back to the community, and the community usually rewards you for it with more likes and follows.

Remix Your Friends

If you don’t have a killer pic for your fitness poster, try searching #freetoedi tags. Remixing goes both ways. If you could use the pic, they can use the fitspiration.

Get Inspired

The PicsArt community is an endless resource of motivation. Search peoples’ #fitnessgoals, and share their journey.

Follow a Tutorial

If you want to lift a little more with your edits, try and beef up your creative skills with a PicsArt tutorial! They come in easy, medium, and hard tutorials. Pace yourself, and work your way up. No matter what level you’re at, there’s always something amazing to learn.

Try More Clipart

PicsArt has stickers for days, so browse around and see what you find.

Release Balloons to celebrate fitness milestones, or get random with Pirate’s Life clipart. You can find everything from neon signs to flower petals, so take a good hard look around.

Your move!

Feel the burn, and download Fitspiration stickers on the PicsArt photo editor today!

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