Floating Lanterns Clipart

Send off the Chinese New Year with Floating Lanterns Clipart. The Lanterns Fest follows the Chinese New Year with an amazing mass release of glowing paper lanterns and this pack lets you join in. Choose from over a dozen candlelit lanterns, and send as many as you want soaring into the night sky.

Floating Lanterns Clipart with the PicsArt Photo Editor

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Floating Lanterns Clipart by PicsArt Photo StudioWhere to find Floating Lanterns Clipart

Get your lanterns on PicsArt by tracking down Floating Lanterns Clipart in the clipart menu or by searching directly in the Shop. You can find all clipart by tapping the clipart icon on the menu bar of the editor, and the Shop is that little shopping basket icon on the far right end. If you’re not satisfied, you can find way more Chinese New Year clipart here.

Who Floating Lanterns Clipart is for

Floating Lanterns Clipart is for more than admirers of the Lanterns Fest; these flying paper lamps are good for creating magical photo edits year-round. You don’t need any experience with photo editing, on PicsArt adding clipart is simple enough that absolutely anyone can master it.


How to use Floating Lanterns Clipart

To add Floating Lanterns clipart to a photo, upload a pic with a lot of open sky into the editor. Tap the clipart icon, select the Floating Lanterns pack, choose a lantern, then drag it into place. It’s as easy as that, but PicsArt has loads of features to help you tweak and customize as your creative whims demand.

Rotating & Sizing

First, let’s cover the basics. Rotating and sizing your Floating Lanterns Clipart is all done with two finger motions. Pinch to shrink, spread to enlarge, and rotate to rotate. Easy.

Adding Lanterns

Before tapping “Apply”, hit the plus sign up-top to add more lanterns, rather than apply a lantern, finish, and then repeat from the main editor again. This way, you can move all of your lanterns around and play with them, instead of cementing them into place on at a time.

Blend into the Sky

To create a sense that your lanterns are fading off into the distance, blend the lanterns into the sky more and more as they drift farther away. To do this, you can either reduce the opacity of your Floating Lanterns Clipart, or scroll between different blending modes.

Brush Off

After you select a piece of Floating Lanterns Clipart, tap the eraser icon to brush off pieces of your sticker. This really comes in handy for example when you want to make it look like a lantern is vanishing behind a building or a cloud.


Send your lanterns out into the world and share directly from the app! After you finish your Floating Lanterns Clipart edit, confirm by pressing the checkmark. The next menu will ask you which of your fave social networks you want to share on. Don’t forget the #Chinesenewyear hashtag!

Other goodies?

Whether you’re really into the Lunar New Year or just waste deep in your creative zone, PicsArt has more than enough clipart, frames, and backgrounds to fuel your creativity for hours. Check out Chinese New Year Clipart, Lunar New Year Clipart, or Chinese Dragon Frames to get help you go all out this new year. Of course, there’s lots more where that came from, so browse around and see what creative fun you might stumble into.

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