Flower Clipart

Send a flurry of flower petals swirling through the air with Flower Clipart. Choose from a colorful array of floating flowers to shower over your pics. Blow a spiral of rose petals in a corkscrew around your body, or scatter purple lilacs over your head like they’re raining down from the sky. Flower Clipart gives your pics a breeze of fresh flowers.

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Flowers Clipart from PicsArt Photo StudioWho Flower Clipart

is for

Flower Clipart is for anyone who loves to hit their pics with little flourishes of creativity. Whether you’re just a budding editor or if your creativity is already in full-bloom, Flower Clipart is a great way to give your pics natural accents of beauty with the tap of a finger.

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Where to find Flower Clipart

You’ll find Flower Clipart on the PicsArt app, a free photo editor that’ll work on basically any phone or tablet. You can search out Flower Clipart in PicsArt’s in-app Shop, or you can scroll down the clipart menu and stop when you smell the roses. 

Flower Clipart pack from PicsArtHow to use Flowers Clipart

Flowers Clipart is the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor shots, but it’s also great for more fantastical edits when you’ve got all sorts of things flying through the air. Flowers Clipart has a way giving everything an airy, colorful, and free-spirited tone, but to really get the most out of it, there are a few tips worth trying out. Download the free Android photo editor or the free iPhone photo editor.

Brush Off

To make it seem like your flower petals are swirling around you, it’s good to erase the flowers that are blowing behind you. Once you select which flowers you want to use, tap the eraser icon to brush off the bits that you want to disappear behind people or objects in your photos.


Mix and match flower petals to send a bouquet of color sweeping across your images. Just go all out and create a monsoon of flower petals.


Spread the petals, toss the bouquet, and share your edits with your friends. With PicsArt, whenever you finish a creative project, you’re automatically prompted with the option to share it on any number of your favorite social networks. Add the #Flower hashtag for maximum exposure.

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If you love Flower Clipart, there’s a lot more where that came from. PicsArt is loaded with some really fun and imaginative clipart packs to inspire your edits. If you like flying objects, Book Clipart lets you scatter flying books throughout your pics. Snow Clipart is less fantastical but no less magical, letting you blanket your pics in slow falling flakes of snow. You can also keep on the nature theme with Tree Clipart and backdrop your images in treetops. It’s hard to find a theme that doesn’t have an awesome clipart pack on PicsArt, so the best way to find awesome clipart is just to explore and browse around until something inspires you.


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