Football Clipart

Get ready for the big game with Football Clipart. Stand behind your team and choose from over a dozen fan accessories with everything from face-paint to pom poms. Whether you’re hoping the Pats get the job done or rooting for the Falcons to rise up, this pack has everything you need to cheer your team to victory.

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Superbowl Clipart Photo Edit with PicsArt Photo Studio

Where to find Football Clipart

Find Football Clipart on PicsArt, a free photo editing app that’s available on almost any smartphone or tablet. Just check the clipart menu in the editor, or search for “The Big Game” clipart pack directly in our in-app Shop.

Who Football Clipart is for

Football Clipart is for football fans everywhere who have a stake in this year’s big game. Whether your horse is in the race, or you just can’t bare to see one of the teams grab the trophy, this clipart is easy to use, so anyone can let their allegiance be known.

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Superbowl Clipart Pack by PicsArtHow to use Football Clipart

Football Clipart is perfect for hyping up your feed in the days leading up Super Bowl Sunday. To use clipart on PicsArt, just upload a pic into the editor, tap the clipart icon, choose your pack and piece of clipart, then drag it into place. Those are the basics, but PicsArt is loaded with awesome customization features so that you can take things further:

Rotating & Sizing

To rotate and size clipart, it’s all about two-finger touch movements. Pinch your sticker to shrink, spread your fingers to enlarge, or to rotate, just rotate with two fingers.


Blend your superbowl clipart onto your hat or jersey! After selecting a piece of clipart, you can either reduce the opacity or scroll between preset blending modes.

Brush Off

Drop your Super Bowl Clipart into the middle of the scene using the clipart eraser. When you select a clipart icon, tap the eraser and brush off bits of your clipart image to make it look like it’s behind you.


There’s no use in hyping up the Super Bowl if no one can see where you stand for Sunday. Share your superbowl edits on your fave social networks directly from within the PicsArt app. After confirming your final changes, you’ll be brought to a screen where you can just choose from top social networks with the tap of the finger.

Other clipart packs?

If you’re looking for creative fuel to last you well beyond the big game, PicsArt is loaded with awesome clipart to keep you inspired for days. If your team comes out on top, maybe try Fireworks clipart to have a properly spectacular celebration. If your team loses, find humor in defeat with Meme Clipart, which lets you make your own custom memes. More importantly, just have fun browsing around. You never know what creative fun you might stumble into.


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